10 new vessels (>10m) not to be missed at Genoa Boat Show 2022


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Parker 700 Pilothouse
Parker 700 Pilothouse

With the

62nd Genoa International Boat Show

, scheduled for Sept. 22-27, 2022, the Ligurian capital will be flooded with dozens and dozens of novelties. Between accessories, sailboats, powerboats and yachts, here is our list regarding the 10 vessels (under 10 meters) not to be missed debuting in Italy at the International Boat Show.

10 new vessels not to be missed at 62nd Genoa Boat Show

Some already present at the Cannes Yachting Festival, while others are ready to make their official debut at the show, following in ascending order are 10 of the boats and dinghies under 10 meters that you can come and see in Genoa.

Lomac Tourism 7.0 – 7 m

Here comes a new “small” in the Lomac house, the long-awaited Turismo 7.0, of precisely seven meters. Performance can already be sensed from the bold, muscular lines that draw inspiration from military applications. On the model debuting at the Genoa 2022 Boat Show will be a 250-horsepower Mercury outboard that will pair with a sporty hull with a vertical bow wheel. The goal? A blanket as dry and protected as possible , even with sea. In continuity with the Mediterranean soul of the range, the deck points to two sundecks at either end. The one at the stern is designed to become a dinette with a central table and seating at “C” For 6 to 8 guests on board. As for coloration, Turismo 7.0 will be offered in two versions: one in shades of white and gray and one with darker shades.

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Lomac Tourism 7.0

Lomac Tourism 7.0

Parker 700 Pilothouse – 7.5 m

Also arriving in Genoa from Poland’s Parker is the 700 Pilothouse version, a 7.5-meter boat designed to meet all the needs of the amateur fisherman within small dimensions. Equipped with a particularly well-designed hull, the glide point is relatively low, while wide broad sides limit the arrival of splashes and waves on deck. The space in the bow is reduced, but to ensure a more advanced pilothouse, a solution that improves weight balance and gives more space to the cockpit, the focus of the activity for which the boat is designed. The pilothouse is also asymmetrical, offset to port, so as to provide ample living space, while still maintaining a comfortable passageway forward on the starboard broadside. Below deck we find V berth and toilet, while on the bridge two ergonomic armchairs and optional galley. The engine is 250 horsepower and can be equipped with bow-thruster. Five to eight people can be taken on board.


Parker 700 Pilothouse
Parker 700 Pilothouse

Lilybaeum Levanzo 25 – 7.88 m

After debuting at the Naples boat show, the time has come for the Levanzo 25 to win over the large public in Genoa as well. The boat, just under 8 meters long, is built by the Sicilian shipyard Lilybaeum and is a refined and well-maintained open that combines a center-console exterior line, especially in the bow, for marine qualities, with an elegant stern and a very livable deck. Astonishing is the amount of space, especially under the aft sundeck, achieved with an outboard propulsion mounted on a bracket to still optimize space.

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Lilybaeum Levanzo 25
Lilybaeum Levanzo 25

Parker 780 Escape – 7.99 m

Designed for the short coastal cruise, the Parker 780 Escape is a solution for those looking for. comfort, roominess and performance in a small size. Much is indeed condensed into the 7.99 meters of the 780 escape, starting with a extremely versatile cockpit, with sofa, table, cabinet with stove and sink, And easy access to water. At the same time, a double cabin and a toilet are located below deck, but for possible guests there is also a bimini that can close the cockpit entirely, making a sheltered space for as many as 4 people to spend the night. The dashboard accommodates up to three people, and the maximum engine capacity reaches 350 horsepower.


Parker 780 Escape
Parker 780 Escape

Flipper 900 DC – 9.05 m

Modern lines with reminiscences of the past and Scandinavian quality. It is the Flipper 900 DC, a day-cruiser as nimble as it is fast. First, a versatile cockpit with a C-shaped sofa and table that can transform to become a large sundeck. Aft of the sofa is the water access area, with large lockers and a roll bar to protect from the two outboards. On the bridge, however, two seats to starboard and one to port, thus giving access to the below deck, where there is an aft double cabin, a forward cabin, and a toilet room. Finally, the windshield provides a central, agile passageway to the forward spaces, where a walkway leads to the anchor windlass.


Flipper 900 DC
Flipper 900 DC

Pursuit S288 Sport – 9.14 m

While aiming for larger and larger boats is the recent trend in the fishing segment, Pursuit has instead decided to offer a more modest 30-footer, which has nothing to envy, however. Indeed, the Pursuit S288 Sport is an intelligent center-console, starting with its space management solutions. First and foremost, the center console offers a walkaround approach, ensuring ease of movement on board, while the toilet recessed into the dashboard itself, complete with sink and fresh water, further limits clutter. Thus we find more space for two cockpit sofas, a double seat in the bridge, additional six seats in the bow, and plenty of fishing gear. Motorization is outboard and up to 600 horsepower .

Read the article here on the

Pursuit S288 Sport

Pursuit S288 Sport
Pursuit S288 Sport

Hair Tempest 900 – 9.5 m

The renovated Capelli Tempest 900 Wa arrives in Genoa, a successful upgrade to the previous model, especially in lines and deck space. The aft area is in this the centerpiece of the boat, dedicated to conviviality features seating facing a central wooden table. In the bow, on the other hand, a large sundeck is located. Below deck, there is then a cabin with a separate bathroom, and everything promises to be aimed at maximum comfort. Performance and seaworthiness turn out to be generous, as does the motorization, which reaches up to 500 outboard horsepower. Also on board we find, from standard model, shower and refrigerator, while optional are awning, ski poles, 220 V system and hard top.


Hair Tempest 900 Wa
Tempest 900 hair

Invictus GT 320S – 9.93 m

Italian premiere for the Invictus GT320S, a 9-footer powered by 600 or 900 horsepower, distributed on a pair of Yamaha outboards. Inverted prow and lines with an important family feeling immediately identify the GT320S with the rest of the range. The outboard configuration maximizes deck space from the aft area accessible from two side swim platforms. The cockpit is then basically a large living area, including a broadside access, ideal in case of English moorings. In terms of customization, there is also ample room at the level of structures, such as knock-down masonry. Below deck are a midship toilet, a forward dinette with bed furniture, and a double aft cabin, accessorized with stowage and cabinets.

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Invictus GT 320S
Invictus GT 320S

Galeon 325 GTO – 9.93 m

Genoa debut for the new Galeon 325 GTO, the first outboard model ever made by the Polish shipyard. The first , classic version is the one with the stern all open and central outboards. The second optional Has a sundeck above the engines. This allows the noise produced by the thrusters to be dampened, but also allows that space to be utilized. If we add the aft bulwarks that open. The boat feels closed and secure when sailing, but ready to butterfly open as soon as you reach the roadstead. Galeon’s first outboard boat is an all-purpose semi-open considering even the bathroom with electric toilet below deck.

Read the article here on

Galeon 325 GTO

Galeon 325 GTO
Galeon 325 GTO

Ribco Venom 34 – 9.98 m

Equipped with a deep two-step V-shaped hull, and powered by two 300-horsepower Mercury V8s, the Ribco Venom 34 reaches 65 knots of speed, and not only enjoys excellent speed performance, but can maintain it even in less than optimal sea conditions. In addition to pure performance, however, the Venom 34 also enjoys enviable relaxation areas, such as a full-beam aft sundeck, a T-top capable of casting ample shade, and a particularly complete helm station with cushioned seating and a three-seat bench with ‘Wet-bar’. In the bow, under the forward sundeck, we also find a canopy as standard. Toilet with sink and on-board shower are recessed in console.

Read the article on

Ribco Venom 34

Ribco Venom 34
Ribco Venom 34


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