10 used boats made in Italy to look for to cruise


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natantiFor Italian law, vessels are pleasure craft less than 10 meters long. A vessel, always according to the Code of Recreational Navigation (art.3 of D.Lgs N. 171/2005), must not be registered. It is considered a movable property and therefore it is not registered in the Public Registers. Therefore, according to the Civil Code, in cases of purchase and sale for them no registration or advertising of the transfer of ownership is required. However, it remains the owner’s right to register the boat in the R.I.D. (Recreational Boat Register). In addition, if the motorization is less than 40 hp (29 kW), and only in this case, they drive without a license. The models in this review are those at the upper limit of the category: the so-called natantoni. Those that show off lengths even longer than the fateful 9.99 meters. This is possible because they have been homologated with hull lengths within 10 meters, then dashboards, dolphins and various platforms lengthen the total dimensions (in the measurements below, in fact in brackets with * is indicated the registration length). Thus, the cruisers allow short and medium range cruises, sometimes in a more comfortable way, others with a little more spirit of adaptation, but it is the right price to have a cruiser saving the administrative burden of the larger units. Which administratively result: pleasure boats.



Airon 325 An elegant and well organized open

Smooth and streamlined lines for this model Airon Marine, which is distinguished by the harmonious distribution of each room. On deck, the large U-shaped aft dinette can be converted into a sundeck, while in the centre of the cockpit there is a comfortable sofa on the opposite side of the helm station. The interiors, very elegant and furnished like the large cruisers, offer four beds, a dinette, where you can get another single bed, the kitchen in front and the bathroom. Measurements: 9.78 (9.78*)x3.10 m

New price in 2008: € 119,800 (excl. VAT)

Used: from 16 thousand to 80 thousand €

Still in production


Capelli 32 Wa Sporty without missing anything

Spacious walkaround launched last year, the top model of the yard Capelli has excellent navigation qualities and is powered by two 200 hp outboard engines. Its sporty lines accommodate generous spaces dedicated to relaxation, thanks to the large aft seats and the sunbathing area in the bow. The central console is large and well equipped. It is also very comfortable inside, where there is room for four people. Good standard equipment proposed by the shipyard. Measurements: 9,70 (9,00*)x3,00 m

Price of the new one in 2008: € 126,450 (excl. VAT)

Used from: 70 thousand to 140 thousand euros

Still in production


Versatile 32 pennant that satisfies everyone

Excellent compromise between fisherman and comfortable and habitable boat for medium range cruises, the Gagliotta 32 gives great seaworthiness and quality performance. Its sporty features, essential only in appearance, hide valuable finishes and a sturdy structure. Of note, on deck, the console on the left and the kitchen cabinet and large is the external dinette, which takes advantage of the full width of the cockpit. Inside, for the night there is hospitality for four people. Measurements: 10,40 (9,19*)x3,10 m

Price of the new one in 2008: € 190.000 (VAT excl.)

Used from 70 thousand to 85 thousand €

The model is no longer production


Leader Lead Glider 32 Attractive design

A very gritty and eye-catching look for this sports setup open. The extreme stern houses a large sundeck, while in the cockpit there is a large dining area, bordered by a large U-shaped sofa. At both ends of the seat, two armchairs house the pilot and co-pilot. Like any self-respecting sports model, the below deck layout of the Colombo Aliante 32 is essential. In fact, there are two beds, but not at all uncomfortable. Dimensions: 10.21 (9.91*)x2.80 m Contacts: Colombo Giacomo, tel. 0344 32176

Price c: € 191,700 (excl. VAT)

Used from 45 thousand to 130 thousand €

The model is still in production


Fine 10 Spider Speed and comfort on board

The Spider version of the Portofino 10 combines classic taste with the comforts of a boat suitable for cruising even at medium range. Its structure, sturdy and reliable, is designed to provide comfort to guests on board: large cockpit usable, external dinette sheltered from the deckhouse, passageways easy and safe, not to mention the interior, where reigns the wood to make the two cabins and the bathroom even more comfortable. With the max motorization reaches 32 knots of speed. Measurements: 10.40 (9.99*)x3.05 m

Price of new in 2008: Not communicated

Used from €55 thousand to €160 thousand

The model is still in production


Rancraft Rc 34 To style the right importance

Sophisticated and elegant shapes for this express cruiser from Rancraft Yachts: on board you can see everywhere a search for style and a pleasant optimization of space. There are two areas for relaxation: aft, in the comfortable cockpit, and forward, which can be reached safely thanks to the high battleships. The pilot has a complete driving position, well protected by the windscreen. Inside, there is room for four in a welcoming environment. Dimensions: 10.66 (9.86*)x3.21 m

Price of new in 2008: 149,500 (excl. VAT)

Used from 50 thousand to 75 thousand €

The model is no longer production


Rio Yachts 32 Art Harmonious and cosy

Soft lines design the harmonious exterior layout of the Rio 32 Art: the aft living room features a C-shaped dinette convertible into a sundeck. The helm station has a seat for the pilot and one for the co-pilot. In full tradition Rio Yachts, the interiors are bright and very livable. A functional kitchen cabinet is located on the left, in front of the bathroom, while four beds are available for the night. Measurements: 9,90 (9,90*)x3,01 m

Price of the new one in 2008: € 130.000 (VAT excl.)

Used from 40.000 to 140.000 €

The model is no longer production


Salpa Laver 32.5 Gritty and comfortable

For this example Nautica Salpa boasts an innovative and technologically advanced project. The Laver 32.5 is a cabin cruiser that combines a sporty and gritty character with a holiday spirit, suitable for the whole family. On deck the cockpit is well organized; a hatch allows an easy inspection of the engine compartment. Inside the two cabins are served by a practical and elegant toilet room. Measurements: 9,90 (9,40*)x3,35

Price of new in 2008: 134,480 (excl. VAT)

Used from 60 thousand to 80 thousand €

The model is no longer production


Sessa Marine C30 Everything in its place

This 30 footer from Sessa Marine is reliable and innovative. Christian Grande’s pencil has developed a compact and very nice design, where every space is designed for a function. Harmonious the cockpit layout, which is divided into two zones: one aft with the sundeck, the other more forward towards the bow, with the control area and a seat on the opposite side. The elegant interior is very enjoyable and offers four beds. Measurements: 9.56 (9.50*)x3.00 m

Price of the new one in 2008: €124,000 (excl. VAT)

Used from 65 thousand to 100 thousand €

The model is no longer production


Golden Series 30 Golden Series One Jewel

Born to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, the Tuccoli 30 is a boat with a sturdy structure with a retro taste. Its deep V-shaped planing hull allows you to sail safely even when the sea is formed. Important are the high masonry walls finished with the characteristic mahogany band. The cockpit, entirely covered in teak, is spacious and usable. Four people can spend the night in the comfortable below decks. Measurements: 9,96 (9,96*)x3,30 m

Price of new in 2008 : Not communicated

Used from €110 thousand to €120 thousand

The model is no longer production




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