100 Candles and a Broken Heart: Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli!

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17 October 2019
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18 October 2019
Trottolino Feltrinelli

Trottolino Feltrinelli

One hundred years ago, in October 1919, Egidio Feltrinelli moved his shipyard to Gargnano sul Garda. A family and an exciting story, linked to the lake, wood and boats and that touches in depth every enthusiast … with white hair! But, at the same time, a great example of entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and tradition in Italian boating, an example and spur for young people, for the new forces of the Felrinelli family and the boating industry as a whole.

Last weekend, to celebrate the anniversary of the shipyard, the historic site of Gargnano of Nautica Feltrinelli shipyard opened its doors to the public, displaying a large private collection of historical documents, diaries but above all nautical finds that the Feltrinelli family has preserved over the years, such as the mythical IBIS of Commander Edmondo Turci or the hull built for Johnson in the ’30s.

In addition, boating enthusiasts have had the opportunity to try out the exclusive motorboats of the Frauscher brand in the water, of which Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli is the only official importer in Italy.



Edmondo Turci IBIS Feltrinelli

Colonnel Edmondo Turci on board of Ibis Feltrinelli.


The name of the Feltrinelli family has always been interwoven with a great passion for wood, which the various branches of the family have declined in different ways. Those who have dedicated themselves to paper from wood, going so far as to found a publishing house (Giangiacomo Feltrinelli), those who have built buildings, those who pack barrels and those who, finally, design and build boats.


Mio Raid Feltrinelli


The first testimonies related to the construction of boats by the Feltrinelli family date back to the mid 1600s. Visitors’ interest was attracted by the 1931 Ibis racing motorboat, with which Colonel Turci took part in the Miami motorboat races in 1932, the 12 foot Dinghy built for Rossari in 1957 and the Johnson-type walking motorboat.


Raid PV_VE Feltrinelli


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