5 classic sport boats that made history (10 to 16 m)


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Itama 38'
Itama 38′ – 1980

Five Classic Boat sports that made history

In a world teeming with boats of all kinds, despite their age, Classic Boats also continue to retain their appeal. Retro lines, a now-lost aesthetic, and a not inconsiderable amount of history often make them exciting “objects” that are as significant to the development of shipbuilding as they are beloved by their owners and the many enthusiasts. To best celebrate them, here is a short review, 5 unforgettable Classic Boat sports.

Baja 370 ES
Baja 370 ES

Laver Super Mustang (10.8 m)

In motor boating there are names that have ascended to iconic status. One of them is Renato “Sonny” Levi, the legend of offshore hulls, the master of fast boats. These include, in the world of production Classic Boats, the Laver Super Mustang, one of the earliest fast-commuters, a 40-knot, six-berth 1980s bolide. The shipyard builder was Laver, for which Levi was the main designer of hulls, a detail that, combined with great build quality, brought the brand to fame, in Italy as well as overseas, already in the very early 1980s.

Classic Boats Laver Super Mustang
Laver Super Mustang

Classic Boats. Baja 370 ES (11.2 m)

Among the Youngtimers so iconic that they have left their mark, with its 11.25 meters in length and a whopping 53 knots of top speed, there can be no missing a fast commuter that is full son of the American legacy of the 1980s: the Baja 370 ES, a very fast 1990 cabin cruiser. Boats with such high performance (contextualizing to 1990) were intended for a very discerning, speed-loving clientele eager for that look capable of attracting looks to themselves, emphasizing a prestigious product. And the Baja 370 ES fully met these demands. The line is aggressive, with high freeboard and a long, sleek bow that extends well beyond the midships, rising to protect the cockpit to its junction with the windshield.

Despite its sporty attitude, the Baja 370 ES was one of the most habitable models of the shipyard’s entire production. With an open-space layout, it in fact houses a full aft galley area; a central full-beam dinette consisting of two broadside sofas (convertible into bunks) and a central folding table; a forward V-shaped berth (closable by means of a curtain); and a bathroom and shower room.

Baja 370 ES
Baja 370 ES

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Classic Boats. Itama 38 (11.6 m)

They were called Play-Run-Cruisers or Fast Commuters, and they fell into that category of “quasi-offshore” boats in vogue in the 1980s. The Cantieri di Roma Itama 38 certainly does not deviate from this line. An excellent 11-footer, capable of over 40 knots and comfortable beyond the weekend, thanks to its 2/4 berths, it is still a no small gem, a late 1970s Italian icon. The lines are essential, clean; the design is bold and aggressive, but without going to excess. The progressive deep V is evident and the bowstay equally so. The look is sporty, but remains understated, elegant.

The interior does not deny anyone anything. Available in two versions, Standard & Special, both are exquisitely finished, with lacquers covering the furnishings and plenty of natural light. The difference between the two is only in layout and beds. The Special version has room for a couple, while the Standard accommodates 4 people instead, maximizing every single space on board and slightly varying the layout of the spaces.

Classic Boats Itama 38'
Itama 38′ – 1983

Italcraft Dragon (13 m)

It was the boat that made generations dream, the record-breaking speedboat, an all-Italian unicum, and a milestone not only in our shipbuilding industry, but in motor boating in general. It is the ItalcraftDrago, the masterpiece of Italcraft Shipyards, a tamed monster, the first one capable of breaking through 50 knots of speed, reaching 55 knots of maximum speed. Unveiled in Genoa in ’72, it was another great design by Renato “Sonny” Levi, the hull on which, for the first time, surface propellers were mounted.

Thirteen meters long and strong with 55 knots of top speed, the Dragon was thus an incredible boat, equal to nothing ever seen before. But in addition to her unparalleled speed, the Dragon also surprised with its man-high interior spaciousness, which was not compromised by the hull’s sleek, streamlined lines, as it also surprised with the comfort of the cockpit and aft sundeck. The Dragon was indeed extremely adept at combining its performance qualities with the habitability of its interior spaces, complete with as many as 4 beds, separate toilet room and kitchen.

Classic Boat Sportive
Italcraft Dragon

Classic Boats. Magnum 53′ (16 m)

In 1976 Apeco sold Magnum Marine to Marquis Filippo Theodoli and his wife Katrin, who had been convinced for years of the possibilities extractable from the yard’s racers. It is the dawn of a new era, the era of High Performance Luxury Yachts, boats that are luxurious, extremely fast and, most importantly, able to be operated by the owner himself, without the need for a crew. Among them, one model stands out, the first true Power Yacht, the Magnum 53′. The year is 1977, and a future legend among Classic Boats is born.

The hull is huge by standards (16 meters), the beam very wide and the deep V-shaped hull fully recalls its offshore origin. All this, wrapped in luxury and comfort, with a cockpit and cabin as never seen before. The spaces are immediately distinguishable into two areas, bow and stern. There is no middle ground. The cockpit is huge, most comfortable, a forerunner of many to come. The interior does not fall short of expectations: double master, double guest, salon, toilet and kitchen. It is a resounding success; it will be the VIP boat.

Classic Boat Sportive
Magnum 53′ – 1980

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