6 Classic Boats for every taste and use from 6 to 16 meters


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Bertram 54 (1982)

6 Classic Boats for every taste and use from 6 to 16 meters

That of classic boats is a fascinating world. A world of style, performance and philosophies of yesteryear, however, often underestimated at the time of purchase. Sometimes, rightly so, other times, less so. It depends on what one is looking for. In fact, if one is a lover of it, a Classic Boat also prove to be a bargain And, whether it corresponds to one’s browsing philosophies, or taste, can also be great source of not a few joys. Sure, it might require a little extra attention, but when the passion is there, these become more of a hobby and pleasure than anything else. In case you are also enthusiasts, here are 6 Classic Boats from 6 to 16 meters for all tastes and different wallets. We present them in order of length, two per band and suitable for a little bit of all uses, from the small runabout to the fisherman, from the cruiser to the missile for flying over the water.

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Riva Olympic – Robbe & Berking

Boston Whaler Outrage 21 (6.5m)

Trivial but inevitable choice. This little 6.5-meter is, yes, little more than a planing shell, but it is a classic not for nothing. It is a brilliant boat, a small masterpiece. It costs little, it is good for everyone, it flies on water, it is easily restored, and most importantly, it is unsinkable! Not to mention the look, a somewhat raw but timeless cult.

Boston Whaler Outrage 21 (1972)

The Boston Whaler Outrage 21 is the first true Boston Whaler, a success since its launch in the early 1960s. It is a simple boat: center-deck steering, outboard motoring, a clear deck but adaptable to a whole range of needs. It is the ideal hull for those who have no special needs and simply want to enjoy the sea, whether going out for a swim, fishing or, simply, seeking some peace offshore. It is, fundamentally, a versatile and unsinkable platform. A system of canvas canopies then allows its volumes to be closed in different stages, thus also providing what little shelter is needed on summer days.

Riva Olympic (6.5 m)

Few boats are more iconic than the Riva Aquarama. At the same time, few Rivas are more pleasant, versatile, and charming (as well as relatively inexpensive) than the small and wonderful Riva Olympic. At 6.55 meters long, 38 knots strong and designed for a young audience, the small Olympic is a marriage of practicality and luxury, a design as elegant as it is functional.

Riva Olympic
Riva Olympic, a great example of Classic Boat

Clear bow, curved dashboard, double settee serving the wheelhouse, and full-beam sundeck to the transom. All wrapped in the class and elegance that only a wooden Riva can have. Here, with touches of white paint to crown it all. In short, today as then, the ideal boat for joyrides, day trips and picnics in the roadstead in the name of the dolce vita.

Cigarette 38 Top Gun (11.3 m)

Racing and chasing on the water at insane speeds, brutal offshore races and lots of cinema. Cigarettes are an emblem of 1980s Hollywood style, missiles for launching on water wrapped in the most unlikely liveries and colorations. And the 38 Top Gun is certainly no different. With its 60-plus knot top speed, it dominated as much the offshore scene as it did the market and the eternal American summer. The 38 is an undoubted cult, but more importantly, it is still in production today.

Cigarette 38' Top Gun
Cigarettes 38′ Top Gun (1989)

The lines are iconic, sleek like few others, and always feature eye-catching, ever-changing liveries. The bow seems never-ending, taking up more than half the length of the hull, then the wheelhouse, armchairs, sofa, and sundeck. Below deck, the shipyard doesn’t deny anyone the chance to enjoy their bolide as if it were a weekender: so here is a unique, open-plan room with a double forward berth and seating along the bulwarks. The design changes in the various models, but the layout does not vary much, with the forward triangle designed for sleeping and the broadside devoted to guest seating. A living room capable of flying over water safely.

Menorquin 120 (12 m)

The Menorquins, which are still very famous and valuable today, were born as a revival of the Balearic gozzo in the second half of the 1970s. They soon became a comfortable cruising boat, dedicated to those seeking safe, quiet and unhurried sailing. The Menorquin 120 (11.98 x 3.94 m, sleeps 4+3) was unveiled in 1999 and featured undemanding dimensions combined with more than fair habitability. Like all of the brand’s models set on the lines of Catalan goiters, the 120 is distinguished by its profile. The bow right is practically vertical and culminating in the traditional pernaccia, shaped in wood, and the stern design, particularly rounded.

Menorquin 120 – 1999

Below deck, the rooms are warm and inviting, featuring extensive use of teak or iroko, evoking the sobriety of true seafaring tradition. There are large spaces for entertaining, both on the main and lower decks, which are joined by two beautiful cabins served by a bathroom worthy of the name. Absolutely not insignificant, too, are the generous storage volumes. The displacement hull, featuring a prominent center keel, ensures safe and comfortable sailing even in rough seas. Performance? Cruising speeds near 13/14 knots, with highs of about 19 knots.

Magnum 53′ (16 m)

In 1976 Apeco sold Magnum Marine to Marquis Filippo Theodoli and his wife Katrin, who had been convinced for years of the possibilities extractable from the yard’s racers. It is the dawn of a new era, the era of High Performance Luxury Yachts, boats that are luxurious, extremely fast and, most importantly, able to be operated by the owner himself, without the need for a crew. Among them, one model stands out, the first true Power Yacht, the Magnum 53′. The year is 1977, and a future legend among Classic Boats is born.

Magnum 53′ – 1980

The hull is huge by standards (16 meters), the beam very wide and the deep V-shaped hull fully recalls its offshore origin. All this, wrapped in luxury and comfort, with a cockpit and cabin as never seen before. The spaces are immediately distinguishable into two areas, bow and stern. There is no middle ground. The cockpit is huge, most comfortable, a forerunner of many to come. The interior does not fall short of expectations: double master, double guest, salon, toilet and kitchen. It is a resounding success; it will be the VIP boat.

Bertram 54 (16.5 m)

In 1981 the Bertram 54 made its first appearance, a future best-seller and destined from the outset to become a cult, a Classic Boat as marine as few and with great build quality. A thoroughbred sportfisher and all-weather boat, it was immediately appreciated by both those seeking a boat for deep-sea fishing and those more oriented toward cruising, strong in fact with as many as 3 double cabins and a large salon.

Bertram 54 (1981)

Beneath the waterline, however, magic happened, thanks to an impressive deep V-shaped hull nestled between its 5.8-meter beam and 16.5-meter length. The 54′ was thus not just a fishing boat, but an object of desire for many, a hybrid, in short, successful on every front. Needless to say, how it influenced the market, setting a standard for what was to come.

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