6 remote boat monitoring systems

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Cortex di Vesper Marine

Cortex di Vesper Marine

Cortex by Vesper Marine

If you want to keep an eye on your boat at all times, a growing market in recent years has been remote monitoring systems for your boat, which allow you to know if everything is in order and there are no anomalies on board (suspicious temperatures, water leaks in the bilge, low battery charge, etc.).

How much does it cost to keep an eye on the boat?

To the price of the remote monitoring device (between €500 and €1,000), the cost of the service subscription must be added. Rates vary according to the manufacturer, but we are not talking about prohibitive figures.

However, we recommend that you check, especially if you do not use the boat 365 days a year, whether the subscriptions offered are “unpackable”.

In other words, if you have the possibility of dividing the year into several tranches (two of six months, three of four months) so that you can activate the service – at no extra cost – only when you actually use the boat (e.g. during the summer season).



Mobisat / FMB204

It uses a 33-channel GNSS receiver capable of reading satellite constellations (GPS – GLONASS – GALILEO – BEIDOU). This locator allows the user to always know where their boat is in real time, by displaying its position on a smartphone or PC. It is served with a data SIM card included.


FMB204 by Mobisat.


Glomex / Zigboat

It is a 100% wireless system that relies on a central body and various sensors to remotely monitor your boat and manage certain functions without the need for subscriptions and monthly fees. You will be alerted on your device, with push notifications, on the status of the battery, bilges, intrusions, movements, smoke, heat and dock socket.


glomex zigboat

Zigboat by Glomex


Vesper Marine / Cortex

Cortex is ingenious. Thanks to a compact waterproof black box to be installed on board, you will have in a tool similar to a large smartphone: a very easy to use VHF, class B AIS and a monitoring system for your boat, with all the necessary alarms (intrusions, movements at anchor, smoke, temperatures, batteries). The latter can obviously also be viewed and managed remotely from your mobile device.


Cortex Vesper

Cortex by Vesper Marine.


Security Systems / C-POD

C-Pod is a real on-board guardian. The system monitors the battery level and receives the GPS position every 5 seconds. The anti-intrusion, theft detection and environmental hazard sensors (e.g. flooding, smoke and fire, etc.) are very robust and equipped with the best features the market offers today in terms of false alarm accuracy and reliability.


C-POD di Security Systems.

C-POD by Security Systems.



Dokensip is a wireless system consisting of a central module and a series of secondary sensors located at various points on the boat and connected via Bluetooth. Thanks to these, it constantly monitors the state of the boat and alerts you via your device (or dedicated website) in the event of any criticality. Battery charge status, water in the bilge, electricity. The great thing is that it’s all wireless.

www.dokensip.com/it – (marioborselliyachts@gmail.com)




Boat Command

The Boat Command system uses the latest 3G M2M technology to ensure that all parameters monitored by the sensors (bilge, batteries, intrusion, engine) are displayed on your smartphone and tablet and at the same time on the company’s server. Alarms arrive via sms and email.


Boat Command

Boat Command.

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