7 new open boats (6 to 10 meters) for all tastes!


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Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum

7 open boats for (almost) every taste

Pure open boats have always been a must in the Mediterranean. They are day trip boats, without cabins and bunks, designed and conceived to enjoy the sea and weather to the fullest in the single daily outing, whether it is for relaxation, sports or just moving between places. Today we are seeing some even very different ones, whether these are for flying silent foils, gliding at incredible speeds, or just being at sea relaxing, enjoying your time. Here, then, are 7 pure open boats, a little bit for all tastes.

Frauscher X Porsche 850 Fantom Air
Frauscher X Porsche 850 Fantom Air

Rand Breeze 20 – 5.99 m

At 5.99 meters in length and 2.1 meters at maximum beam, Rand’s small open, the Breeze 20, ranks as a stunning electric dayboat, ideal for calm days on the water with friends. Up to 8 people can in fact be embarked, welcomed both aft, behind the wheelhouse -where the bridge seating also becomes a sundeck- and in the forward lounge-where broadside sofas and central table create an excellent convivial area, ready, however, to transform into a full-beam sundeck.

Rand Breeze 20
Rand Breeze 20

Small size and featherweight (595 kg), classify the Breeze 20 as a transportable boat on a trolley, immediately expanding the range of uses and possibilities offered by the design. Finally, suitable for either conventional or electric outboard propulsion, the hull offers no small standard, with 20 hours of autonomy in the case of electric propulsion at speeds of 4 kn. In this case, the maximum speed, just over 10 knots. In the case of the 115 hp internal combustion outboard version, the hull instead shows us the maximum performance, 30+ knots, thus also demonstrating the goodness of the hull.

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Open boats Rand Breeze 20
Rand Breeze 20

Open boats. Four Winns H2e – 6.7 m

Known around the world for the care it takes in its designs and for its more than 50 years in the industry, Four Winns has also recently entered the electric market, specifically with a small bowrider that aims to surprise. It is the 100% electric Four Winns H2e. At 6.7 meters long and powered by one of the most powerful electric powertrains-the 180 E outboard, capable of about 230 horsepower-the H2e promises exceptional performance, with impressive acceleration and peak speeds as high as 35 knots.

Open boats Four Winns H2e
Four Winns H2e

Studies done on the fairing also promise good handling, ensuring grip and safety for maximum riding pleasure. Shifting the focus to space, the small 22-footer first offers a huge full-beam sundeck positioned just behind the convivial cockpit spaces. In fact, aft of the wheelhouse we find a C-shaped couch from broadside to broadside, while in the bow there is an additional space, recessed in the deck.

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Four Winns H2e open boats
Four Winns H2e

Open boats. Lilybaeum Levanzo 25 – 7.8 m

Awarded best boat up to 10 meters at the Genoa Boat Show 2023, the Levanzo 25 is undoubtedly a fresh and well-thought-out boat, right from the first impression when looking at the deck, totally devoted to the day on the water. It starts, in fact, from an aft platform with the engines mounted on the brackets of it, which is thus very livable despite the presence of the outboards. The area from the stern to the middle of the boat is, however, dominated by two sundecks, separated by a central walkway where additional cushioning can be inserted.

Open boats Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum
Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum

In the middle of the boat is a bar cabinet that may include a sink and refrigerator, and in front is a three-seat sofa. Finally, an optional but much-appreciated T-Top shades the wheelhouse, moved toward the bow, beyond which we find an additional convivial area that concludes the spaces, defining a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also well thought out in terms of layout. Performance also does not disappoint, strong in a hull somewhere between an American fisherman and a classic Italian powerboat, for qualities that can brighten a day.

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Lilybaeum 25 Levanzo

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Spark Plug C-8 CC – 8.5 m

A natural evolution of the already best-selling C8-DC, the Candela C8-CC again underscores the brand’s great ability to establish itself in electric boating. Same hull and same electric propulsion and foiling as its predecessor, but everything else on board changes, now in open center console configuration. Maximized space and lots of comfort on the new 8.5-meter Candela, offering several lounge areas and optionally a T-Top. Performance? Always at the pinnacle of the industry, with about 57 nautical miles of range and, on foil, 30 knots of top speed.

C-8 CC spark plug
C-8 CC spark plug

Looking at the deck, starting from the stern, the layout includes a central double sundeck, complemented just forward by a pair of settees facing a central coffee table. A space dedicated to conviviality or meals, convertible, however, into an extension of the first sundeck, making an uninterrupted one along the entire length of the cockpit. Alternatively, the forward seat offers a tilting backrest, thus accommodating in the forward direction as well. In the middle of the boat is the console, served by a pair of ultralight wraparound seats, and inside it hides the bathroom with shower, accessible from the forward portion. A second convivial space, complete with facing sofa and seating, is located in the bow.

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C-8 CC spark plug
C-8 CC spark plug

Open boats. Frauscher X Porsche 850 Fantom Air – 8.6 m

When automotive and boating come together it happens that peculiar creatures, new hybrids full of potential, can be born. Offering a little treat this year is a truly high-end pairing, the Frauscher-Porsche duo, which has launched the brand new Frauscher X Porsche 850 Fantom Air. Sleek and sporty, the new 8.6-meter electric boasts the same propulsion technology as the new Porsche e-Macan, a permanently excited synchronous electric motor specially adapted to the marine to best express itself on Frauscher‘s hull specifications. Electrically limited to a total of 400 kW, the Porsche power-unit will be able to express enough propulsion to make the 850 Fantom Air reach top speeds of over 46 knots, while also offering 4 different driving modes, distinguished between Docking, Range, Sport and Sport Plus, to make it as easy as possible to handle the boat in all conditions.

open boats

Looking at the spaces on board, the entire design reflects an elegant and comfortable mood, with two distinct lounge areas, fore and aft respectively, joined by a central cockpit with center console styled by Porsche. Produced in a limited first series, the new Fantom Air is imported to Italy by Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli, the brand’s exclusive dealer in the country.

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Frauscher X Porsche 850 Fantom Air

Libeccio 9.5 Classic – 9.5 m

for those in love with goiters, a classic model with tiller steering never leaves one indifferent. Launched at the same time as its sibling Libeccio 11 Cabin New Version 2023, 2023 in fact also saw the launch of a little something new that looks back. It is the Libeccio 9.5 Classic, with which Mimi relaunches his iconic 9.5-meter through a collaboration with Valerio Ravellini. Thus, a new example is introduced that looks to the past, trying to be true to both the brand’s family feeling and the shipbuilding tradition of the classic gozzo. Thus comes the 9.5 Classic, an open version and equipped with classic tiller steering, a tribute to the charm of classic goiters, but still modern and strong with a contemporary hull.

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Libeccio 9.5 Classic

Sterk 31 – 9.7 m

Sterk, in German, means strong, endowed with physical strength, and this 31-footer, the yard’s debut model, has all the makings of a 60-plus knot fireball on the water. Certainly the living work with V-deep hull and double step immediately catch the eye, but the sporty DNA (max 600 hp outboard) makes the pair, with a very comfortable deck plan and with a plus for this size: a particularly spacious bow bath, under the console.


Looking at it as a whole, this 31-footer has a large aft platform around the two outboards that allows this area to be, nevertheless, usable despite the two engines. Close behind is a large sundeck that hides an equally important storage space underneath. Given the performance, the dashboard is sporty, covered by a large T-top. Forward of the bridge we find a second, more convivial area with a sundeck that can become a U-shaped sofa with a central table.

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