These eight open boats are special. 8 to 22 meters


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VanDutch 75

Versatile and available in a wide variety of ranges, Open boats are now a must-have in contemporary boating, highly valued and increasingly popular boats, especially in the Mediterranean. Armed with varying sizes and a wide variety of on-board solutions, they have officially conquered the market, spreading like wildfire. But they are not all the same…

8 Open boats from 8 to 22 meters

Electric and foiling, endothermic and high-powered, cabin cruisers or dayboats, the Open panorama is truly boundless and offers a truly wide range of choices. Here, to see some of them, are 8 of the most futuristic opens on the market (from 8 to 22 meters).

Riva Dolceriva
Riva Dolceriva

Open boats from 8 to 22 meters. Frauscher X Porsche 850 Phantom Air (8.6 m)

Opening this review is a novelty of late 2023, an Open born of the fusion of boating and automotive: the Frauscher X Porsche 850 Fantom Air, a 46-knot electric fireball. At 8.6 meters long overall, this is a sporty and elegant hull, strong in styling from the two brands and featuring the same propulsion technology as the new Porsche e-Macan. Streamlined lines, near-vertical bow, and sleek, ultra-clean design. This, in a nutshell, is the look of the 850 Fantom Air, a well-executed design that couples impressive propulsion coupled with an equally good hull for enviable results.

Turning to space and layout, this is a pure dayboat, with center console styled by Porsche and two distinct lounge areas-one aft, with double sundecks, and one forward, with double facing sofas. Rounding out the layout are double racing chairs in the wheelhouse, followed by two cockpit sofas to accommodate passengers.

Frauscher X Porsche 850 Fantom Air Open boats from 8 to 22 meters.
Frauscher X Porsche 850 Fantom Air

C8 spark plug (8.5 / 9 m)

Foil and electric propulsion to fly on water. This is Candela’s answer to the Open market: the Candela C8 CC, atural evolution of the already best-selling C8-DC. Starting from the stern, the layout includes a central double sundeck, complemented just forward by a pair of sofas facing a central coffee table. A space, this one, dedicated to conviviality or meals, but convertible into an extension of the first sundeck, making an uninterrupted one along the entire length of the cockpit.

In the middle of the boat is the console, served by a pair of ultralight wraparound seats, and inside it hides the bathroom with shower, accessible from the forward portion. In the bow find space for a sofa and facing seating. Performance? Always at the pinnacle of the industry, with about 57 nautical miles of range and, on foil, 30 knots of top speed.

C-8 CC spark plug
C-8 CC spark plug

Open boats from 8 to 22 meters. Seven Seas Venus Speedster X (9.6 m)

Available with Jet Drive, traditional endothermic or electric propulsion, the new Venus Speedster X is Seven Seas’ latest creation, a 9.6-meter Open designed for those who appreciate quality and performance. Its great hallmark, the look, with lines that simultaneously look to the past and the future, evoking a 1950s/60s automotive look, but on a more than modern platform. Performance? Over 48 knots with Jet Drive or traditional propulsion, over 21 kn with electric propulsion.

Turning, however, to the onboard layout, this runabout first offers a large aft sundeck, followed by a comfortable cockpit, consisting of a large U-shaped sofa with coffee table and double seats on the bridge, sheltered by a curved windshield. Finally, there is room in the bow for two below deck, thus providing a sleeping area capable of extending the time spendable on board.

  • For more information on the Venus Speedster X, visit the official Seven Seas Yachts website
Open boats from 8 to 22 meters
Venus Speedster X

Say 42 (12.9 m)

A motor boat that is very stylish in its aesthetics, with a particularly sporty line designed to fly at 50 knots: this is the Say 42, from Say Carbon Yachts. But it’s not just about looks and performance. On board, in fact, this 12.9-meter also offers plenty of comfort, starting with the large aft sundeck, usable even at high speeds. Just beyond, double sofas facing a central table provide a convivial space in the cockpit, and then give way, toward the middle of the boat, to the helm station, served by two ergonomic armchairs.

Given its size, there is also no shortage of space below deck, complete with a separate bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, as well as a convertible dinette for sleeping aboard. Propelling the Say 42 are 860 Volvo Penta horsepower (6.2L V8), power that, combined with the lightweight carbon construction, provides a top speed of nearly 50 knots.

Say 42 Carbon
Say 42


Dolceriva shore (14.9 m)

A sporty-looking Riva, a 48-foot open that brings all the class of the Sarnico shipyard, the Dolceriva, a machine of perfect combination of style, comfort and performance (40 kn). The refined and elegant design starts right from the stern, where it features lines inspired by the traditional classics, the Ariston and the Triton, but otherwise it is a pure and modern open, where elegance blends with a handcrafted touch. The foredeck surface is made of traditional twenty-coat polished mahogany varnish, interspersed with a crystal part with a built-in skylight, which allows the below deck to have natural light. That’s right, because, here, there is no lack of cabin, dinette and private bathroom.

Outside, the comfort continues, with double aft sundecks and sofas (2) on the cockpit side, where a unique and continuous lounge and convivial area is created. On the bridge, one ergonomic chair serves the wheelhouse, while a second provides space for a co-pilot as well. Propulsion, however, comes from two Volvo D13 800/1000s.

Riva Dolceriva

Open boats from 8 to 22 meters. Fiart P54 (16 m)

Designed to offer significant volumes on an open boat, Fiart’s P54 is a hull capable of offering different, modular interior layouts. The aft, owner’s cabin, in addition to the full open-plan bathroom solution, in fact offers a double bed that can be converted into a pair of singles, while the two forward cabins are divided by a system of sliding and convertible closets, if necessary becoming a single suite. The boat center is intended for the living area and kitchen, while there is no lack of second optional bathroom.

Looking outward, however, this “cruising” open offers lines that are in their time unprecedented and strong with ample outdoor space, starting with the large forward sundeck and the two sunbeds facing the aft platform. The cockpit, in turn, is presented as a space dedicated to relaxation and conviviality, with a table used for the dining area. Then under the hard-top are the dashboard and access to the interior. Performance ranges from 34 to 39 knots peak.

Open boats from 8 to 22 meters Fiart P54
Fiart P54

Evo R6 Open (18 m)

A spacious and modern 18-meter strong with plenty of comfort and an enviable beach lounge. It is the Evo R6 Open, a design based on the already highly regarded R6. Capable of significant performance, with dual engine options (2 x Volvo Penta IPS 800 or 950), it touches a top speed of 35 knots and offers 280 miles of range, offering the added value of enviable outdoor spaces. While the cockpit is equipped with a large dining area, a lounge area, and a large central aft sundeck, the real pride of the Evo R6 Open is actually hidden in its incredible beach lounge. Thanks to the shipyard’s trademark “XTension” side rails, the stern part opens sideways in a matter of seconds, not dropping down but emerging outward, for a 40 percent increase in available space, for no small amount of beach area.

Matching this is a large forward sundeck, as well as space below deck where a dinette, master cabin, two aft doubles for guests, and 2 bathrooms are located.

Evo R6 Open
Evo R6 Open

Open boats from 8 to 22 meters. VanDutch 75 (22.3 m)

An even more Mediterranean, even more “open” and even more spacious VanDutch. With the 75 VanDutch opens a new era, introducing a 22-meter with sleek and elegant lines, yet still fully recognizable and associated with the brand’s style. A very clean profile, then, for the 75, interrupted only by the windshield and top. Equally clean are the design and layout on board, with a completely clear, flush bow and a huge, well-maintained cockpit.

Here, just beyond the swim platform, a central sundeck capable of accommodating as many as 4 people first finds its place, and then moves beyond that to the true convivial area, where two large C-shaped sofas set against each other and served by a table create a unique living space. Just beyond, behind the windshield, an open-air piano bar mirrors the wheelhouse, positioned to the left of the access to the below deck, where two double cabins and a salon populate the spaces. Optionally, a third double cabin is available.

  • For more information about the VanDutch 75, visit the official VanDutch website
Open boats from 8 to 22 meters Vandutch 75
VanDutch 75

Bolide 80 Open (24 m)

Concluding this review is an open that fully lives up to its name, a 24-meter with a top speed of more than 70 knots-just 55 knots, the cruising speed-it is the Bolide 80 Open. Propelling it are three surface propellers capable of automatically finding the ideal trim angle, while powering it are three MAN V12s of 2,000 horsepower each. That is, 6000 horsepower for a carbon open that, however, also wants to offer a lot of comfort.

In fact, in terms of space, despite its outsize speed lines, there is a large aft sundeck and a well-equipped and convivial cockpit, complete with sofas and tables, on board to make it usable for any context. The flush bow, on the other hand, provides an additional sundeck, ideal for relaxing at anchorage. Finally, below deck, there is a galley (connected to the captain’s cabin) and a bar area, a day-head, and that a private lounge that can be converted into a guest cabin. There is also, of course, no shortage of a large master cabin. The Bolide 80 is available in Hard-top and Open versions.

Victory Marine
Bolide 80 Open- Victory Marine

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