Here are 8 reasons to choose a catamaran as your boat

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catamarani barche

The catamarans are special boats and are one of the focus of Barche a Motore on newsstands. If finding a motor multihull 20 years ago was a challenge, today there are at least 14 manufacturers who make them.

Now we reveal 8 secrets that are determining the success of the two hulls in markets around the world.


All catamarans can enjoy this space. Dimensions are, of course, bigger than those of a mono-hull boat of the same size.

2. BOW

Thanks to the beam that is, almost always, full-length, the forward sun pad is the same than that one of a boat with double length.


The dinette can benefit from spaces that are generally 60% bigger than those commonly found on a boat of the same size. A 40-footer has the same dinette than a 63-footer.


The master suite can use a single hull or positioned between two hulls. In both cases, spaces are abundant and, in the first case, privacy is greater


Cabins, too, are usually more spacious than those commonly found on a mono-hull boat. In most cases, each cabin has its own bathroom.


The cockpit area, as the astern platform too, becomes extremely usable. And there’s even enough room where to accommodate a tender while sailing.


With a width 70% greater than mono-hulls of the same length and two hulls, catamarans are significantly more stable. This results into a good advantage both at sea and at the anchor.


Thanks to thinner hulls, catamarans are more hydrodynamic than mono-hull counterparts. Consequently, a 43-footer can sail with just two 160HP engines while a 60-footer can feature double propulsion from 2×370 HP to 2x800HP. In other words, you can enjoy the speed you want with excellent fuel efficiency.

Photo by Nicolas Claris

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