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Used boats abayachting
Used boats abayachting

The 4th edition of the Used Boat Show Live LIVE, organized for the weekend of Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3, 2022 by Abayachting, is just a short time away. The sale of a boat necessarily requires a whole series of side activities: making a card, the photo shoot, and above all the organization of the (numerous) visits. Owners who want to sell their boat would almost always want the same goals: speed, low expenses, best selling price, and above all they would like to avoid time wasters . The Abayachting Video Salon was born out of the needs of boat owners.

First, it allows for a faster sale, as the boat can be viewed live at the same time by over 70 people (with an average of one visit per week it would take over a year). Less time therefore also means having LESS EXPENSES: of mooring, insurance and maintenance. To participate in the Abayachting Video Salon: you can.
click the link
, or contact Abayachting staff by writing to info@abayachting.com or or 011 2457841.

BUT NOT ONLY: visitors connected live are actually looking for THAT TYPE OF BOAT, as they are selected from Abayachting’s database of more than 16,000 profiled customers. In this way, the boat is proposed in a more targeted and therefore more effective way.

And there’s more: we know that all potential buyers of a boat would love to confront the seller. The Video Salon is the perfect opportunity, as connected visitors can interact with live questions, which will be answered by the owner, who will actively participate in the on-board visit.

Used boats: selling and buying is easier with Abayachting

The probability of selling the boat thus increases to the maximum, as evidenced by the average of 5 purchase proposals that are made in the week following the Video Show. Not bad, right? In a nutshell, all filters are reset: real, live footage, with interaction between buyers and sellers for a clear, no-secret presentation, in perfect Abayachting style. Of course, all of this is supported by advertising campaigns on all major Italian boating portals, and the video is uploaded in its entirety to Abayachting publication channels, to give maximum visibility even after the event.

This is a unique event, the only one that allows up to 32 boats to be seen on live video in the same weekend, from over 20 different ports throughout Italy and with over 2,000 viewers. All of this is made possible by a team of professionals and state-of-the-art technology, with 2 broadcast directing stations, 3 multilingual moderators, 12 reporters with stabilized cameras, 2 dedicated Zoom channels for live streaming, and live social on Facebook.

Appointment for the weekend April 2-3, 2022.

To participate in the Abayachting Video Salon: you can.
click the link
, or contact the Abayachting staff by writing to info@abayachting.com or or 011 2457841

Happy Video Salon to all!




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