USED BOATS: sell your boat at Abayachting’s Used Boat Show, live!


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Abayachting used boats

Today the used boat you visit online. An innovative new initiative in the field of used cars, which is very original and also ethically virtuous given the historical period: this is the 2nd Abayachting Used Boat Show Live LIVE, a clickable event launched by the well-known company, organized for the weekend of Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11, 2021. The Maritime Mediation company has composed a rich schedule of boats, as many as 32 between sail and motor, where 13 Abayachting team liaisons will conduct live video viewings and answer, along with boat owners, questions from connected users.

The LIVE live broadcasts will be transmitted on the Zoom platform where Luca Bosazzi and Luca Boltri, as moderators of the sailing and motor rooms, will be in charge of conducting the kermis, complete with theme songs between airings. 21 locations across the country reached by the “Abayachting special envoys”: from San Remo to Taranto and then up the Adriatic from Bari to Lignano Sabbiadoro. The first edition of the event was organized in October 2020, and received so much interest that it is likely to become a regular event in the Spring and Fall.

Abayachting – The used boat video show, live!

We met with the Abayachting administrator and asked him a few questions:

Luca Bosazzi, in the boating world, this is the first time we have talked about live video saloon. How did the idea come about?

The light bulb started to go on in spring 2020 during the lockdown: I began to think about how to carry on our business consistent with the closures and limitations that would most likely come up again. In our work, human contact is crucial, both for physically bringing customers interested in a certain boat on board and for the kind of trusting relationship that is established with sellers and buyers. In May, our activities resumed at a furious pace, also aided by the desire to have a quiet summer (and what better place than the open sea to avoid gatherings!), but during these months we have not stopped thinking about new solutions to meet customer demands.

Having boats distributed all over the territory, we thought about how we could bring the boats to our customers’ homes. So here it is that on the threshold of the 60th Genoa Fair, we have come up with our own proposal made in Abayachting: a LIVE Used Boat Show, a system to continue to be able to visit our boats, without penalizing the meeting, the interaction… “the beauty of live” in short!

How was the response from registered users?

Surprising. For us and for the viewers: at first some people did not realize it was a live event, perhaps expecting it to be pre-recorded videos that they would receive via email by signing up for the initiative. When they realized there was a channel devoted entirely to the boats they were interested in, with a live anchorman on board ready to zoom in on every detail at the customers’ request and answer every question along with the owners of the various boats, they literally went crazy! We had almost 2 thousand viewers and received proposals on 2 boats right at the end of the same live broadcasts.

Given the success of this first Salon, when will you organize other editions, or do you think that such an initiative only proves effective at this particular moment in history?

The period requires us to exercise prudence and civic sense, which undoubtedly leads to a preference for virtual meeting. Beyond the particular historical moment, I am more than convinced that for our industry, offering customers the option of video visitation is a happy insight. Those who travel a lot for work are used to it, but sometimes we forget how rejuvenating it can be to stop for a moment. Not to mention that spectators at this edition saw an average of 3 boats each: it would be physically impossible to see live a boat in Chioggia, one in Taranto, and one in San Remo on the same day, right? Not to mention the cost of travel.

Saving time and money appeals to everyone. We decided, of course, to replicate it and make it a regular event.

The next edition will be held the weekend of Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11, 2021, and we already have almost everything ready! We still have some availability for boats that want to join before we close the schedule

And so we look forward to attending the new edition of the Abayachting Used Boat Show live streaming and experience the pleasure of live video viewing aboard our favorite boat as well. Congratulations to Abayachting!


Live video premiere: another new Abayachting…

The arrival of a new boat on the market is a delicate time, both for the owner and for potential buyers. The owner who chose to rely on Abayachting also did so because of the type of clientele selected; on the other hand, the potential customer already in contact with the service department would like to be notified “as soon as possible” in case a boat arrives that he likes.

Wouldn’t it be sufficient to inform your customers with an email or message?

Of course, and in fact we already do. But we have tried to go further, especially to accommodate customers who reside in locations far from the boat mooring. Inevitably, “nearby” customers can quickly go to visit the boat, and if liked proceed to purchase.

Therefore, we decided to standardize the possibility of purchase: as soon as the boat is put on the market, we send an invitation reserved only for registered customers, and only to those who are interested in a certain type. So let’s avoid inviting customers interested in a 50-foot sailboat to the Premiere of a 40-foot powerboat!

And how does Videopremière work?

The technical part is very similar to that of the video show, with the difference that one boat at a time will be featured, namely the “new arrival.” This is a kind of inauguration, a real preview reserved for interested parties to whom we will present the boat live through a live tour with one of our correspondents on board in the company of the boat’s owner.

The moderator, connected from headquarters, will be the “host” of the broadcast, providing data and characteristics of the boat, and selecting questions arrived from the live chat. If necessary, serving as a simultaneous translator for connected foreign clients.

So it is not an event for everyone?

No, it is an event that is organized for the clients we have selected over the years. By doing so, we are able to create a more intimate and comfortable situation, the questions are few but very precise, and all the work is channeled to provide a higher level of service.



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