Acel’s two new electric outboards are the most powerful in the range


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Electric outboard range - Acel Power
Electric outboard range – Acel Power

Acel Power Inc. recently unveiled its two new IE150 and IE250 electric outboards, the most powerful in the range. The Vancouver-based company currently has two other electrically powered outboard engines in production, the less powerful IE50 and IE75. The move to a more powerful engine required a design change and several times used for research and development, but the two engines are now a reality.

Acel Power, a Canadian company established just 3 years ago

Acel Power was founded in 2021 in Canada by Anthony Liu, an engineer originally from Taiwan who brings with him a long family history in cutting-edge technology. Production of the outboards began in 2023, with the first units of the IE75 delivered to the United States.

Acel’s efforts focused not only on optimizing the battery pack and mechanical parts, but also on the electronic part of the new outboards. Indeed, on board the IE150 and IE 250 arethe new proprietary , ultrafastCPUs and GPUs designed specifically for use in moving vehicles. Software installed by Acel not only handles graphics for the displays, but is also critical for data processing and essential for remote software updates (OTA, Over The Air), which can be done in no time.

Touchscreen display and modular batteries

The system with which the new Acel outboards are supplied includes a IPS touchscreen display seven inches that provides the owner with all the essential information always up to date in real time, such as battery charge levels, available range, engine and battery temperature, engine hours, while also allowing customization of the driving profile for different drivers (sport, eco, cruise..).

The two new outboards benefit from Acel’s latest innovations for its modular battery system . This system allows for greater flexibility in installation (possible at different locations on the boat) and in optimizing balance, weights, and hull efficiency. For example, the IE50 has two modules for a total of 32 kWh of power output, while the IE75 has three batteries for a total of 40 kWh. The IE150 and IE250 use 40 kWh modules connected to provide 800 volts of power. The batteries used by Acel are lithium-ion and are equipped, like the motors, to shut down in case of overcharging or excessive heating. Solar panels and wind systems can be used for charging as well as fast charging by connecting them to the power grid.

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