Airplane in distress unloads 80 tons of kerosene above the Ligurian Sea

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Esempio di Fuel dump

Fuel dump

Eighty tons of kerosene were unloaded in the middle of the Ligurian Sea, in the center of Pelagos, the Sanctuary of the Cetaceans (about 70 miles off Genoa), by an airplane in difficulty.

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What happened?

It is reported by “Last night, Alitalia’s flight Az786 from the Lombard capital was supposed to fly to Tokyo. The plane, an Airbus A330 departed from Malpensa at about 19.30, a few minutes after take-off, when it was above Trentino, found some technical problems that forced it to do behind the front. But before getting off in Milan, after a long tour, the crew opted for the Fuel Dumping, a safety procedure that provides for the emptying of the tanks before a possible emergency landing. And so, the load of fuel for the intercontinental flight just started ended in the Ligurian Sea, in the center of Pelagos, the Sanctuary of the Cetaceans, that is in the middle of the Ligurian Sea. 80 tons of fuel scattered in the sea, about 70 km off Genoa.”

Giovanni D’Agata, president of the “Rights Desk”, considers the area concerned to be at risk and asks that “the responsible institutions intervene on the company in order to force it to carry out a meticulous work of control and remediation”.


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