Alaska, this is how you fish at the edge of the world


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fishing in alaska
Lake Kluane. Credits : Yukon Governorate

With 5,000 glaciers, 3 million lakes, 3,000 rivers and 12 river basins, including the Yukon River, flowing through its territory from coast to coast, Alaska, has over 55,000 km of coastline washed by the Pacific and Arctic oceans. With all this water for fishermen, they are spoiled for choice.

Fishing “big” in Alaska

Deep-sea fishing in Alaska is becoming increasingly popular among enthusiasts, who are assured of a good and, overall, fairly large catch. An example? Well, a Pacific halibut (a flatfish) can reach a weight of more than 125 kg. The Kenai Peninsula is dotted with small fishing businesses that rent their boats to visitors. In short, sea fishing is also done in Alaska!

fishing in alaska
Salmon fishing in Anchorage. Credits: Ashley Heimbigner

Why “also?” For here, at the edge of the world, it is freshwater fishing, between Alaska and the Yukon (wilderness territory in Canada’s northwest) that excites enthusiasts who find prey of a size that is anything but… Mediterranean. In fact, it is not uncommon to find even fish that feed up to 20 people–alone.

No “stormy seas”

Another element that attracts fishermen to the area is the calmness of the lakes and the accessibility of the various water points. And let’s not lie, the eye wants its share, too: in Alaska we fish in breathtaking places, among high mountains and emerald rivers in contact with nature that, for now, is still largely untouched.

fishing in alaska
Emerald Lake. Credits: Archbould Photography

Fish in Alaska: here are the most frequent prey

The most common fish species in this part of the world are northern pike, Arctic char, lake trout, Dolly Varden, salmon, trout, and whitefish.

Fishing by seaplane: not just fresh water

There are fishing huts all over the territory, and multiple access points can be found throughout. It is also possible to participate in an organized fishing trip to remote areas with seaplane transportation.



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