American Tug, the American boats on which you can live aboard (and travel the world)


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American Tug 435

There is a construction site in America that is celebrating its 25th year this year. But this is not the most interesting aspect. Located just an hour north of Seattle in the American far northwest, the brand is known for one key thing, and it is by no means to be underestimated: it produces hulls to go anywhere and live, comfortably, even off-the-grid. In short, for fans of adventure and life at sea in serenity, a bell should already be ringing: American Tug. Acquired by the Kadey-Krogen Group in 2023 and represented in italy by
, the company has never changed its spirit, producing trawlers from 36 to 44 feet (11-13 m) and doing it handcrafted, with absolute rigor and boutique spirit. A formula that, despite a thousand difficulties, has never held the brand back and, on the contrary, has always rewarded it. Here, in short, are American Tug, American bluewater for those who want no worries.

American Tug, the globetrotting trawlers on which to live and go anywhere, anytime

Deeply rooted in the region’s heritage, a reality of shipbuilding and commercial fishing, American Tug was born in the late 1990s, extracting from the classic hulls of the Bering Sea all the potential for exceptional recreational trawlers. The birth is almost simple: on one side, at the then Nordic Tugs, Dilworth, Nelson and Schoppert, on the other Senour. The quartet that would give birth to Tomco Marine Group LLC, soon to be translated into American Tug. The goal was simple, to offer cruising hulls capable of tackling the harsh seas of the eastern Pacific. The solution was equally clear, to use the know-how of the fishing shipbuilding industry used to ply Alaskan waters. The result, mind-blowing, the first American Tug 34/365, a cabin cruiser trawler that immediately became a classic.

A 395 in Alaska

American Tug 34, the original

An almost mundane, simple story of the birth of the site. The same, however, cannot be said for his hulls, serious, trustworthy boats that are strong in a legacy and passion for shipbuilding that is now increasingly rare. Quality, in fact, is the key to success if the goal is to produce all-weather and self-sufficient trawlers. A detail that becomes the fil-rouge of the brand’s entire production.

American Tug – Construction

The first hull to see the light was immediately a witness to this, the American Tug 34, now known as the 365. Iconic today, it was the initial and decisive turning point. Forward owner’s quarters with toilet and shower, large aft salon with galley, and strong lines from unstoppable hull. It was born as a hull to go anywhere, and continued to do so, strong with excellent marine qualities and a great fly to enjoy even the best of days. To this day it remains the shipyard’s bestseller, with 165 hulls built and sold. Each, like every Cmerican Tug, customized to the specific needs of the customer.

Two American Tug 34s, a model also known as 365

The original 34 was soon followed by a second version, named American Tug 362. Hull and lines are the same, but the layout varies and, as with every model, they improve all the details, technologies. The 362 is thus the double-cabin version of the 365, thus offering room for a second couple on board, not to mention the extra seating in the dinette, which can be obtained from the sofa bed ubiquitous on the models.

American Tug 362

Less than 15 meters: from “Swiss Army knife” to flagship

Team that wins does not change, it is an iconic model certainly not to be divested. However, it is also true that a self-respecting shipyard can hardly produce a single hull for 25 consecutive years. That is why the 395 and 435 are also born, to expand the range of possibilities and offer even more potential to their customers.

American Tug 395

The first, the American Tug 395, is simply a Swiss Army knife, versatility made hull. Larger than its predecessors, it offers distinct options on as many as three fronts, engine, cabins and salon layout. While Cummins 380 or 550 horsepower enable it to cruise at speeds between 14 and 18 knots, the cabins (one or two), open its potential to every need, as does the salon, where options make it suitable for every kind of crossing, be it a relaxed coastal, or an Alaskan cruise…

The interior of the American Tug 435

On the other front, the flagship, American Tug 435. It is the hull for those who want to go really far, either across the Pacific, or following the coast to California. Like everyone else, he is almost self-sufficient, but he has more in store. Capable of accommodating up to 7 people, equipped with a tender crane and increased volumes, it is the yard’s ultimate explorer, the hull to go anywhere. A 14-meter to crown a history and tradition that continues to follow its original principles, with the final product inspected by each individual craftsman (there are about 30 of them), who thus has oversight of both his or her individual work and the whole, to provide a custom product whose goal is to satisfy not one, but generations of owners.

American Tug 435

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