This stick is… an electric motor for your tender

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TEMO is a portable 1 kW electric motor (equivalent to 1.5 HP of an endothermic engine, to be precise) inside a “stick” that weighs only 4.4 kg. Genius!

TEMO adapts to any use thanks to its telescopic dimensions (from 120 to 180 cm) and its ambidextrous and multi-position handle.

On your tender, simply hook it to the transom to turn it into a perfect outboard. TEMO is extremely robust and can motorize sailboats up to 750 kg or 3.50 m long tender with three passengers on board. The battery is integrated in the stick.


Detail of TEMO’s handle.








It can be recharged with the 220 socket or even with USB. With a “full” charge, the autonomy is about one and a half hours. Bravo the Frenchmen who designed it!


Watch TEMO in operation



Specifications: TEMO

  • Maximum power: 500w
  • Thermal motor equivalent: 1.5 HP
  • Static thrust: 12 kg
  • Waterproofing: IP67
  • Battery: built-in 330 WH lithium battery
  • Rated voltage: 22.6 v
  • Total weight: 4.4 kg
  • Length: from 120 to 180 cm
  • Recharge: 220 v or 12 v
  • Diameter of the three-blade propeller: 15 cm
  • Control: forward/reverse
  • Inclination angle: 30° max
  • Progressive acceleration on the trigger
  • Design: TEMO & Chedal Anglay Design




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