Apreamare Gozzo 35 Speedster (11 m), the 42-knot outboard gozzo test


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Apreamare Speedster 35

Why can’t a goiter be fast? This is the question asked by Cataldo Aprea, the last descendant of that family of shipwrights who have been handcrafting beautiful Sorrentine gozzi since 1849. Here was born from this idea the Apreamare Gozzo 35 Speedster, a gozzo that winks at the world of fast-cruisers. After seeing it at the Cannes and Genoa shows, we tried it out for you.

What we talk about:

Apreamare Gozzo 35 Speedster

Forget the classic gozzo, a slow, “mumbling” boat with old diesel engines, made for fishermen and seafarers of another time. Apreamare Gozzo 35 Speedster is a boat that twists this stereotype, offering a true modern fast-cruiser, equipped with two Mercury V10 engines of 400 horsepower each that propel it to over 40 knots. Here the elegance and Mediterranean charm of a typical Sorrento Coast boat are mixed with muscular walkarounds, with power to spare and a racy look given by a black livery with inserts, waterline and coral-colored upholstery.

Apreamare Gozzo Speedster 35

The distinctive features of this new model-designed especially for a younger, more dynamic clientele who want to be “speedsters” without sacrificing the quality and elegance of the Apreamare brand-are definitely the sportiness and speed of the outboard engines. The latter also give greater overall lightness, simplify maintenance and reduce costs compared with the inboard engine version.

Apreamare 35 Cabin è il gozzo da crociera “all-weather” (11 m)


Conceived by Cataldo Aprea and designed by Marco Casali of Too Design for the deck lines and Umberto Tagliavini of Marine Design for the hull, this Apreamare Gozzo 35 Speedster, like its inboard sister, also falls into the boat category with a length of 9.95 meters.

Apreamare Speedster 35

The hull, a planing-edge (Hard Chine) “Deep V” type, is the same; what changes is the space on board, particularly in the stern, where there is a hold in place of the engine room, which can be used to house water toys and/or other equipment or fittings.

Apreamare Gozzo 35 Speedster – Deck

The stern platform, used for housing outboards, Has been lengthened compared to the Gozzo 35. This ensures that it does not lose its characteristics of breadth and comfort typical of a goiter, because it is designed to preserve the natural line of this classic hull, allowing guests to swim comfortably by getting in and out of the water from either side of the boat.

In the stern we find a comfortable sundeck sofa and a table. Walkways are wide and safe due to the boat’s maximum width of 3.70 meters, and in the bow area is a large sundeck combined with a comfortable opposing seating system. Shelter from the sun is provided by a T-Top at the base of which is set up a kitchen cabinet that can be equipped with a sink, cooktop or barbecue, refrigerator, and ice-maker.

Below Deck

The below-deck deck features a spacious stateroom with a large double bed located in the front, cabinets and furniture with leather-covered inserts, as well as a bathroom equipped with a generous separate shower stall.

The interior design of this Speedster’s interior echoes the vibrant and warm coral color present of the exterior, but the shipyard offers owners the option of customizing the colors of leathers, fabrics, textiles and wood species to suit their own tastes.

In Navigation

Gozzo 35 Speedster is a boat with a dual soul. It combines the stability and tranquility of a gozzo with the fun and adrenaline of a fast-cruiser. It can be used at leisurely gaits, around 8 knots, as well as taken to glide at maximum speed.

The minimum glide is reached at 13 knots, from this speed the boat changes soul and the two Mercury V10 engines of 400 horsepower each begin to make themselves felt. As can be expected from a boat as solid and quality as all Apreamare gozzo boats, 35 Speedster also holds the sea very well and is well balanced in turns.

Technical Specs

Length f.t. 11.11 m
Width 3.7 m
Displacement 7,000 kg
Serb. water 170 L
Serb. fuel 1000 L
Serb. blackwater 50 L
Engine 2 x 400 hp Mercury V10
Maximum speed. 42 kn
Cruising speed 30 kn
Sleeping places 2
Bathroom 1
Project Umberto Tagliavini
Design Marco Casali Too Design
Design category B14
CONTACT: apreamare.com

Apremare Gozzo Speedster 35 – Consumption

Consumption table
RMP Speed (knots) Consumption (lt/h)
650 3,7 3
1000 6,5 10
1500 7,5 15
2000 8,7 26
2500 10,5 39
3000 13,4 57
3500 16 67
4000 21,3 78
4500 26 84
5000 29,8 100
5500 33,4 117
6250* 37 139
At the time of the test, the speedboat had 3 people on board, 900 L of fuel and 300 L of water.
* 70% trim

James Barbaro



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