This yacht (29 m) is a seaside villa of 400 sqm. Arcadia Yachts A96


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Arcadia Yachts - A96
Arcadia Yachts – A96

In a world increasingly oriented toward the pursuit of one’s well-being, shipyards are also shifting their attention to the issue, conceiving and designing hulls entirely designed to facilitate the enjoyment of life on board and the resulting wellbeing of their owners and guests. Arcadia Yachts is not to be outdone, and indeed, presents the concept of its new A96, a yacht of over 29 m by about 400 square meters of living space, a design that really seems to make wellness its guiding star. In anticipation of its debut, scheduled for Cannes 2023, here is a preview of what is planned for the project.

Arcadia Yachts – A96

Measuring 29.34 meters in length overall (LOA) and 7.87 m wide at maximum beam, the new A96 aims to be the progenitor of a new crossover concept aimed at putting the well-being of its guests at the center of everything. A kind of resort, the site says, where you can immerse yourself in nature, regenerating your senses. Indeed, the on-board environments are conceived as a continuous dialogue between outdoor and indoor, in a total continuity between them, aspiring to become thus, one with the surrounding landscape.

Arcadia Yachts - A96
Arcadia Yachts – A96

Arcadia Yachts – A96: Exteriors

With lines that are imposing and sleek, but at the same time clean and light, the A96 comes across as an elegant yacht, a foreign body that nevertheless knows how to blend well into the environment it passes through. Designed to ensure the most complete immersion in the landscape, the new A96 promises particularly spacious and hospitable outdoor environments, which in turn are amplified by interior solutions projected toward the outdoors, with lounges and enclosed spaces in constant dialogue with each other, thanks to large glass windows that not only guarantee panoramic views, but also allow them to open up, allowing nature to enter on board.

Arcadia Yachts – A96: View from the stern, the two terraces, main and upper, are highlighted

Starting from abaft, the design envisions wide open spaces, almost like terraces overlooking the sea. Indeed, the aft bridge introduces an airy and convivial cockpit, immediately overlooking the main deck salon, which is also immersed in its surroundings. On this main deck, the rooms merge within each other, almost as if they were continuations of the same space, a union of salon and cockpit, thanks to large windows and folding bulwarks.

Arcadia Yachts – A96: Upper aft terrace, overlooking central lounge area

The open spaces are not limited to this area alone, however, but rather continue to the upper deck, where they divide into two additional open areas, joined not only by broadside walkways but also by a large, fully glazed lounge. We then find a second terrace aft, just above that of the main deck, while an additional open area, more intimate and private than the previous ones, is located in the bow.

Arcadia Yachts – A96: Foredeck outdoor area

Arcadia Yachts – A96: Interiors

As for the interior spaces, the entire design philosophy remains constant, channeling attention toward a quest that assists the enjoyment of life on board, making it as close and in touch with the outside environment as possible. The interiors thus promise themselves as sophisticated, soft and welcoming, permeated not only by natural materials, but by nature itself, which is allowed to filter through the large openings, whether glass windows are closed, or wide open to let in sun and breeze. As mentioned, the intent seems to be to hybridize indoor and outdoor, immersing guests in their environment of choice while simultaneously allowing continuous enjoyment of the spaces, virtually uninterrupted along the entire longitudinal axis.

Arcadia Yachts - A96 - Salon
Arcadia Yachts – A96 – Salon

As mentioned earlier, the main deck features an initial merging of spaces, presenting a salon directly in contact with cockpit and aft terraces. Surrounded by opening glass windows, the salon is thus surrounded by the sea and looks out over it with even more momentum, thanks to the fold-down murals that become balconies over the water. Just beyond the salon, past the accesses to the lower deck, are the owner’s apartments, consisting of a full-beam double cabin, a full private bathroom, and a particularly large walk-in closet.

Arcadia Yachts – A96 – Master Cabin

Shifting attention to the lower deck, the internal compartmentation is immediately divided into two distinctly separate spaces with differentiated accesses. In the bow, with dedicated access and interconnected pathways, we find the crew area, designed to accommodate 3 crew cabins, while, aft, continuing the spaces of the main deck, are the guest cabins, which are extremely well-maintained and equipped with amenities. In fact, four cabins, two VIP doubles, and two twin single-bed cabins are housed here.

Arcadia Yachts – A96 – Single Bed Guest Cabin

Finally, moving to the upper deck, nicely sandwiched between two terraces overlooking the sea, we find a lounge area facing aft and equipped with dedicated facilities and a small pantry on the floor. On the forward front, on the other hand, lies the command post.

Arcadia Yachts – A96 – Superior Lounge


In terms of performance, in order to be able to optimize both environments and comfort to the desired performance, the design of the A96 also saw considerable attention paid to the structures themselves, optimizing their weights and structural comfort. In light of this, for example, Upper Deck, MAin Deck and Tuga also see the use of carbon fiber infusion inserts present. On the on-board comfort and well-being front, all wiring and plumbing systems are maximally efficient, as is the carefully thermo- and acoustically-insulated engine room.

An efficiency study of the structures and the hull, thus made it possible to be able to guarantee, at the design level, about 24 knots of maximum speed with standard motorization, namely 4 Volvo Penta IPS 1200s, optionally also available as 1350s. By design, the entire propulsion component is aligned with emissions regulations, enabling the A96 to sail almost anywhere, a quality to which is added the silent mode, an optional system of more than 100kWh, also powered by solar panels, which allows up to 8-9 hours of on-board life in silent mode.

Arcadia Yachts – A96

Technical Specs

Length Over All (LOA) 29.34 m
Hull Length (LOH) 23.95m
Length at Waterline (LWL) 25.18 m
Length Over All (LOA) 29.34 m
Baglio Massimo 7.87 m
Maximum Fishing 1.76 m
Full Load Displacement 130 t
Standard Motorization 4 Volvo Penta IPS 1200
Optional Motorization 4 Volvo Penta IPS 1350
Maximum Speed* ± 23/24 kn
Cruising Speed* ± 19/21 kn
Fuel Tank 13.000 L
Fresh Water Tank 2.100 L
Energy Solar Panels ± 4.5 Kw
Generator(s) 2x 35 kW – 50 Hz
Guest Cabins 5
Guest Beds 10/12
Crew Cabins 3
Crew Beds 5
* data from project


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