Are today’s day cruisers or vintage 1960s more beautiful? – PHOTOS


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Monaco Classic Week 2019
Monaco Classic Week 2019

The eternal challenge from between those nostalgic for boats with classic lines and those who want innovation at all costs inflames the discussions of enthusiasts. But who is right? Simple, none! The world of day cruisers has evolved so much, and today these boats are undoubtedly different from what they once were. The result we called Med Boat.

What are day cruisers

They are boats with attractive design, lots of power and maximum outdoor livability. A powerboat idea that has fascinated so many boatyard designers and owners, which today, however, has been revisited in a thousand ways. Day cruiser in fact is now a reductive name. These boats are called open boats, speedboats, runabouts, maxi tenders, goiters-we wanted to christen them all as Med Boats. Such a motor boat is mainly for day trips to the bay where you can swim, have lunch on board, and enjoy the sun and rest under the shade of an awning. But as the years go by, everything changes, so do the needs of owners, and today Med Boats often have one or two cabins so that they can also spend a weekend at anchor or comfortably reach the beach house. Now before we dive fully into the world of contemporary day cruisers let’s take a look at what they looked like yesterday and what they look like today and what the common traits are.

Med Boat, the day cruiser of the Mediterranean

A typical example of a contemporary Med Boat we can find in this Frauscher hull. The vertical bow is one of the most typical “features” of the new generation. Then ample sunbathing space (aft) and a very pronounced V-shaped hull because, yesterday as today, performance always pleases.

One common trait that unites these kinds of boats with those of yesteryear is definitely the bridge. Here the “automotive” inspiration that favors simplicity and elegance, in retro race car style, is very strong.

1414 Demon Frauscher motor boat wheelhouse

The “Med Boats” of the 1950s

The 1950s were now beginning almost 70 years ago. And what did the typical boats of that time look like? A classic speedboat of the 1950s was structured like this with a pronounced, sleek bow, cockpit designed like the cockpit of a car, and likewise the dashboard. The wheelhouse faithfully echoes the instruments of a car, in this case a very special one: a Lamborghini.

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