At 60 knots on Lake Como. Suzuki’s DF250 Kuro outboard test.


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Suzuki DF250 KURO
Suzuki DF250 KURO

Lake Como, sunshine and flat calm on a late autumn day. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions to test Suzuki‘s new outboard, the DF250 Kuro. It made its debut at the Genoa Boat Show with its 6-cylinder V and 4,028 cc, and we put it through its paces aboard a Focchi 730 (7.30 meters). Spoiler: he performed very well.

Black grille and glossy details

Not only performance but also elegance and technology. The new DF250 Kuro is Suzuki’s outboard that winks at those who want to stand out, thanks to very distinctive aesthetic features. The grille is matte black and has gloss black details and lettering. The gearbox has been completely revised, as has the fin. In fact, this outboard has a new fin with an asymmetric profile and (extra-long) X-shaped stem to minimize cavitation. It is available for now only in a right-handed version and is sold only as a single. As for the propeller, it is possible to install artifacts with diameters ranging from 15 to 27.5 inches. The ability to install larger diameter propellers is provided by the special design of the drive axle, which is offset from the drive shaft and also allows the center of gravity of the outboard to be moved forward.

The technology inside the DF250 Kuro

The grille with the design of the air intakes undoubtedly distinguishes the DF250 Kuro, Suzuki’s new 4,028 cc V6 outboard, but it is the technologies with which it is equipped that make it unique. First and foremost is Suzuki Precision Control technology, which instantly translates pulses from the throttle, auto-trim, and (upon request) the keyless start system. Then there is the Suzuki Lean Burn, which is that lean burn system that works best at cruising speed and actually adjusts the air/fuel mixture by leaning it, that is, by burning more air than gasoline when possible according to need and cruising speed. Last, but quite welcome, is the updated Suzuki Keyless Start System, the wireless, automotive-style electronic key that, after transmitting a unique code, bypasses the immobilizer present to protect the engine (effectively an anti-theft device) and allows it to be started by push-button.

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The water test – DF250 Kuro

A truly flat lake is a truly unique opportunity to put an outboard to the test. Better if aboard a vehicle that can enhance its performance. Between the Naumatec 800, the Focchi 730 and the Tullio Abbate Sea Star RS, we chose the 7 1/2-meter dinghy from the Ravenna-based manufacturer to survey the fuel consumption and performance of this outboard. Let’s start by saying that the keyless start system is really quick and intuitive, allowing you to jump on board ready to go. Allowing us to take the data is, at the helm and helmet on his head, the very man who makes that dinghy: Giampaolo Focchi. We leave the Como Yacht Club almost at the same time as a seaplane from the nearby Aero Club, but we have to log fuel consumption and (for now) stay at low revs. We come in gliding at about 2500 rpm and reach a top speed of about 60 knots, which on the flat water of Lake Como is even more fun to achieve. The DF 250 Kuro is an engine that combines very good technical features with aesthetics that cannot go unnoticed. It is suitable for those single-engine boats, both fairing boats and dinghies, who seek great power, low fuel consumption and an aesthetically pleasing product. The price starts at 27,250 euros, including VAT. Below is the table with consumption.

Fuel consumption and navigation data – DF250 Kuro

RPM SPEED in knots* FUEL Litres / hour*
600 2.2 2
1000 4.3 4.2
1500 5.4 8
2000 7.1 11.1
2500 – Glide 12.4 17.2
3000 19 18.4
3500 26.4 24.1
4000 31.3 32.9
4500 35.6 42.7
5000 41 58
5500 45.4 81.4
6000 53 96.8



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