11 January 2021

Yacht Refit: how much does a 10 meters yacht refit cost?

Refitting allows to renovate and revaluate an outdated boat, adapting it to new styles, technologies and owner’s needs. There are many possibilities and solutions available to […]
9 January 2021
axopar 22 spyder

FIRST BOAT – TOP 5 boats presented in 2020 from 5 to 8 metres

The cost is low, the size is also small. The fun and freedom to enjoy the sea have no limits with these boats, which are ideal […]
8 January 2021

We tested the new Pirelli 42 by Tecnorib

We climbed aboard the new Pirelli 42. A maxi-rib that reflects Pirelli’s style 100%: comfortable on deck, but most of all fun to steer. Pirelli 42 […]
8 January 2021
tuccoli 210 vm

Tuccoli launches a new 21′ Fisherman for all budgets

The new Tuccoli T 210 VM is a fisherman of 6.80 meters that comes from the flagship of Tuccoli, the Tuccoli T250 VM (read the article […]
4 January 2021

Why vintage Riva boats are worth so much and how to restore them

Some consider them as the most beautiful boats in the world, others would do anything to have them and probably there are those who even do […]
30 December 2020

Suzuki mid-range outboards become hi-tech

The outboards between 100 and 150 HP are now considered as mid-range engines. The upward growth of this engine type has led to an amount of […]
22 December 2020
barche a motore 17 lancio

The new issue of Motorboats N.17 is now available!

Dear readers, issue 17 of Motorboats (by Barche a Motore) is now available in paper and in digital format (click here)! Summer is far away, but boating […]
21 December 2020
Rise barca stampata in 3d

Europe’s first 3D-printed boat launched

Will the 3D-printed boat become normal? It’s still too early to tell, but great news comes from Sweden. The first 3D-printed, one-piece boat that actually navigates. The […]
18 December 2020
tony parker yacht

Tony Parker, NBA star, ready to navigate around the world on a 35-meter yacht

Tony Parker was recently seen at the shipyard, by AvA Yachts, overseeing the construction of his future M/Y Infinty Nine. This yacht is 35 meters long […]