11 June 2021

The motorboat according to Swan. Interview with Leonardo Ferragamo

THERE ARE THREE DATES THAT BEST SUMMARIZE the history of Nautor’s Swan. 1966 was the year when Tarantella, the first 36-foot sailboat designed by Sparkman & […]
8 June 2021

Boiler on a boat. What to know to always have hot water on the boat

In order to have hot water on the boat as at home you need to install a boiler or water heater on board. Here is how […]
6 June 2021
Toy 68

Toy 68, an Italian yacht of 19 meters of true class

The presentation articles of the best motor boats exhibited at the Milan Yachting Week continue. Today we board a truly unique boat. It is called Toy […]
2 June 2021
Cranchi E26 Rider

Cranchi E26 Rider, the Italian-style bowrider according to Christian Grande

“You’re born versatile, you don’t become so”. This could be the motto of the Cranchi E26 Rider, which right from the start of the project interprets […]
30 May 2021
antifouling paints

Have you noticed that antifouling paints have changed? Discover them!

At Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show there is a range of antifouling paints that guarantee a certain result in compliance with the anti-pollution […]
28 May 2021
hynova 40

Hynova 40, the first electro-hydrogen boat is ready

  French company Hynova is developing a cutting-edge project to build recreational boats powered by hydrogen. In Marseille, Marseille-based entrepreneur Chloé Zaied officially launched the world’s […]
28 May 2021
Invictus TT460

Invictus TT460, this walk-around does not go unnoticed

The sea is a way of life and this boat was born from the desire to give shape to that energy, to the emotion of a […]
28 May 2021
Evo V8

Evo V8, launched the flagship (24 m) that combines sailing and motorboats

Evo Yachts’ flagship has taken to the sea. Her name is Evo V8 and for the shipyard, this boat is the meeting point between sailing and […]
25 May 2021

Barche a Motore N.19 is now available in digital and in paper format

Barche a Motore N.19 is now available in paper and in digital format. In this issue anticipating the summer, we interviewed Marco Valle, CEO of Azimut Benetti, […]