12 March 2021
volvo penta assisted docking 1

Assisted Docking Volvo is the solution for your stress while mooring

It’s called Volvo Penta Assisted Docking (click here) and it’s the latest innovation to make life easier for those who need to moor. Whether you have […]
12 March 2021
Invictus Capoforte SX200

Invictus Capoforte SX200 is a stylish 6 meter boat (also for beginners)

Invictus Capoforte SX200 is the new entry-level boat from Invictus Yacht. A 6-meter boat, pure open, ideal as a first boat for young owners or those […]
9 March 2021

TOP 2021 – New 27-metre boats for long cruises

These 3 new 27-metre yachts have plenty of space, with solutions for a highly effective beach club to experience the sea in total relaxation. They have […]
8 March 2021
Hinckley yachts

Sailing or motorboats? How Hinckley started building boats

In the next issue of Barche a Motore you will find a report on those shipyards that move from sailing to motor (subscribe here to read […]
8 March 2021

Sailing emergencies, 8 accessories you should always have on board

Here’s what you need to prevent and manage critical situations on a boat, because you can never be too safe. Small tricks that can become essential […]
5 March 2021

TOP 2021 – New 25-metre boats expressing Made in Italy style

These three new 25-metre yachts were born from expert pencils. They are three jewels in the crown of Italian shipbuilding and Made in Italy. Attractive lines, […]
2 March 2021

TOP 2021 – New boats of 22 metres and more

These 3 new boats of over 22 metres explore new frontiers in design, some taking inspiration from supercars or jets, others redesigning the open concept, or […]
2 March 2021
Austin Parker Ibiza 85

Austin Parker Ibiza 85 will be a huge 27 meters walk-around

Austin Parker Ibiza 85 will be the new 27-meter flagship by Austin Parker Yachts. This motorboat, Ibiza 85, arrives in 2021 after the shipyard began a very […]
1 March 2021

Wi-Fi and 4G navigation systems chosen for you

To have a connected boat and communicate, surf the web and send emails even in the middle of the sea, the tools are constantly evolving. Here […]