12 May 2020

The New Issue of Motorboats is Now Available

Motorboats No.13 is now available in the digital and paper format (click here to see the preview). A very interesting issue which is also full of new […]
11 May 2020

The new issue of Motorboats N.13 is now available!

Motorboats No.13 is now available in the digital version (click here to see it). A very interesting issue which is also full of new features. We’ve made […]
7 May 2020

From Ocean Records to Oblivion: Who Will Save This Super Boat?

The Azimut Atlantic Challenger has been one of the big names in the ’90s, when boats, and earlier passenger ships, challenged each other in the Atlantic […]
6 May 2020
coastal maxy 46

Coastal Maxy 46: Mediterranean Charm

Coastal Maxy 46 is the latest rib of the Italian shipyard Coastal. We talked about it here when it was still “rendering” in the Rada version, […]
5 May 2020

Selling a Superyacht: One of the Best Deal in Donald Trump Life

When Trump is under pressure, he tries to find a moment of leisure. And for Trump, fun is business. Like the time he did one of […]
3 May 2020

Verga-Plast: the Italian Tenders You Can Buy Online

In the Deliveroo and Amazon Century also the shipyards, whenever possible, try to keep up. Thus was born the first Italian online boat store, created by Verga-Plast. […]
27 April 2020

Saxdor, the Stylish (And Fast) Boat For All Budgets

Saxdor Yachts is the latest idea from Sakari Mattila, the volcanic designer among the founders of internationally successful boat brands such as Axopar, Paragon, Aquador and […]
23 April 2020

This Stylish Boats are Made By the Two Italian 25-year-old Enterpreneurs

  lIn the motorboats market comes a breath of fresh air and new ideas from the heart of Sicily, every year the destination of thousands of […]
22 April 2020
Scanner Envy 710 Deep Speed

This Cult Rib by Scanner Will Be Also 100% Electric

The electric rib that speaks Italian. The Italian shipyard Scanner has decided to make available its Scanner Envy 710 for an Italian start-up, Deep Speed, specialized […]