28 May 2021
Evo V8

Evo V8, launched the flagship (24 m) that combines sailing and motorboats

Evo Yachts’ flagship has taken to the sea. Her name is Evo V8 and for the shipyard, this boat is the meeting point between sailing and […]
25 May 2021

Barche a Motore N.19 is now available in digital and in paper format

Barche a Motore N.19 is now available in paper and in digital format. In this issue anticipating the summer, we interviewed Marco Valle, CEO of Azimut Benetti, […]
25 May 2021
Riva 68' Diable

Riva Diable is back with the new Riva 68′ Diable

The Riva Diable is back, in a modern version. The Riva 68′ Diable, 20.67 meters long, is the latest project launched by Riva Yacht. A modern […]
21 May 2021
Lomac Big Game

Big Game Lomac, the new generation fishing ribs

The next generation of the fishing rib boat has arrived, three new Big Game models Lomac. They start with the 540, 600, and 760, making their […]
21 May 2021

Three 11-metre cabin boats with outboard and flybridge

11-metre cabin boats with outboard and flybridge, the new frontier of cruising. Outboard boats are now seen on any length of the boat and the latest […]
18 May 2021
cantieri di pisa proprietà

Cantieri di Pisa sold to an Italian businessman

The historic brand has new ownership (in the photo the Akhir 22S, a very successful model). The Cantieri di Pisa, as reported by Il Sole 24 […]
16 May 2021
Franchini Mia 63

The newborn boat that will never become old: Franchini Mia 63

Franchini Mia 63 It has just been born, but the Franchini Mia 63 is already destined to become a cult boat. One of those evergreen models […]
14 May 2021

Geographic, magnetic, of inaccessibility… But how many North Pole are there?

When they say: show me the North, or where exactly is the North Pole, exactly where on Earth do we turn? The question is not a […]
11 May 2021
ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO

The new ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO (30 metres). Top speed 50 knots

  There’s a new fast motor yacht at sea: the name is ISA Super Sportivo 100ft GTO and it’s 30 meters long. Launched at Ancona by […]