9 February 2021
Ferretti Yachts 500

Ferretti Yachts 500, the new 15 meters according to Ferretti

IT IS THE GATEWAY TO THE WORLD OF FERRETTI YACHTS. Ferretti Yachts 500, the new entry-level of the range, is not only the first stage of a […]
9 February 2021

TOP 3 stylish and exclusive 16-17 metre new releases

New ways of experiencing the sea. For those seeking performance with the comfort of a cruise, for those looking for the perfect boat for fishing, for […]
8 February 2021

The right propeller for your boat

In the previous article, we saw how a propeller works and what its main parameters are. Now let’s see what the market has to offer.   […]
5 February 2021
Raymarine Yachtsense

Raymarine YachtSense, how to control all your boat the way you want

The dream of the “modern” yachtsman? To be able to manage every function of the boat through a touchscreen interface customized to their needs and those […]
5 February 2021
force blue

Bernie Ecclestone buys Flavio Briatore’s Force Blue (for 7.49 million)

It’s not among the 10 largest yachts in the world, in fact, it’s far from the top ten (click here). Yet Force Blue, the 63-meter yacht […]
5 February 2021

TOP 2021: three 14-meters boats not to be missed

Here are three new 14 metre boats: a hybrid engine, folding bulwarks made in the USA and the experience of sailing which transfers its nautical know-how […]
2 February 2021
Gentleman's Yacht Codecasa

This new yacht among the most beautiful boats in the world. It’s called Gentleman’s Yacht

When a boat is beautiful, there is little to say. And the secret of the new 24 meters of the Cantieri Navali Codecasa is to have […]
2 February 2021
Tiara Sport 43 LS

TOP 5: New boats up to 14 metres that impress!

The new boats up to 14 metres: an average length that is in great demand on today’s market. Here are 5 new boats between 13 and […]
1 February 2021

Here’s how to find the ideal propeller for your engine

There is nothing better than putting the boat in the water and trying it out, whether it is an outboard, inboard or inboard propeller shaft. The […]