23 December 2018

Top 2018, the best boats from 4 to 8 meters

2018 is now over as the best time to review all the best news that we have shown you during the year. Let’s start from the […]
23 December 2018
fountain pajot barche a motore

Motor-powered catamarans, 7 things you didn’t know

An increasing number of boat manufacturers are proposing motor-powered catamarans, which suggests that more and more yachtsmen choose and buy them. While to find a motor-powered […]
21 December 2018
barche a motore nerea

NY24 by Nerea Yacht: the Italian passion for day cruiser

The most popular boats in the Mediterranean, our sea, are the Med Boats. In the production of these modern day cruisers, Italy is a point of […]
21 December 2018

It doesn’t always take a fisherman to fish

Plotter and autopilot are often better than a high-quality fishing rod and a great talent. If luck is on your side, your success is guaranteed and […]
20 December 2018

“Barche a Motore” N.5 on newsstands and digital | 10 reasons not to miss it!

We are almost at the end of 2018, a year full of news, trends and even some welcome returns as Franchini Yachts. The new one of […]
20 December 2018
Pershing 5X barche a motore

Pershing’s “X” generation, the 5X is a 36 knot coupé

As the first creature in the X Generation, the Pershing X is a 16.51 x 4.35 m coupé yacht designed by Fulvio De Simoni which fully […]
20 December 2018
Pursuit S328 Sport barche a motore

Pursuit S328 Sport, full well-balanced openness

The new entry in Pursuit Sport Series – the S328 – is a next generation center console with high fishability and versatility standards. In addition to […]
20 December 2018

Here are 12 apps to navigate safely with your boat

Welcome to the wide and various world of Apps dedi- cated to coastal navigation ( that is how far 4G network is avai- lable). You only […]
19 December 2018

The biggest yacht ever launched in Italy, Benetti’s 107 meters yacht (351-foot)

The season of the giga yacht “made in Italy” has begun, which is part of a market fringe that has usually seen the dominance of non-Italian […]