2 September 2018

Speciale saloni | 10 barche imperdibili da 11 a 12 metri

Fifth episode of our virtual voyage to discover the best boats you can find at the boat shows Cannes, Genova e Montecarlo. After seeing the best of 10 meters, here we […]
1 September 2018

Special Boat Show | The best boats from 10 to 11 meters

Welcome to 4th review about the best boat in Cannes, Genova and Monaco boat show. After the look over the top 9 meters we check out the best from 10 to […]
31 August 2018

Special Boat Show | The best boats from 9 to 10 meters

Here we are at the third episode dedicated to all the best of the nautical shows of Cannes, Genova and Montecarlo.  Many news, some previews and even a boat still […]
30 August 2018
JEANNEAU leader 30 barche

Special Boat Show | The best boats from 8 to 9 meters

Here we are at our second special episode (here is the first) dedicated to the best motor boats that you can find at the upcoming Boat […]
29 August 2018

Special Boat Show | The best boats from 4 to 8 meters

Cannes and Genoa boat shows are almost upon us and for this we present a useful guide to understand what the market offers today, with the […]
28 August 2018

Make no compromise: Invictus 320 GT

Invictus 320 GT is one of the novelties of the Italian shipyard specialized in luxury. This unit positions the sisters of the series, the 370 GT and […]
31 July 2018

10 biggest superyacht in the world

There is no doubt: the Mediterranean is still the heart of the world for megayachts. Owned by some among the most powerful families of the Earth, […]
30 July 2018

Megatender or daycruiser? Discover the best 8

What differentiates megayacht tender and a daycruiser? The answer is not at all simple and most of the time the line of demarcation is so thin […]
30 July 2018

The best 5 app for you and your boat!

Welcome to the wide and various world of Apps dedicated to coastal navigation ( that is how far 4G network is available). You only need a […]