Inside the Azimut S7, the yacht (21.7 m) sporty and elegant “made in Italy”


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Azimut S7
Azimut S7

Giulia Galanti and Andrea Mazzolari
are the minds behind the latest version of the Azimut S7. With their reality,
, they already have a portfolio of projects that are all prominent. Last but not least is the one for the interior of the new Azimut S7, the first project curated directly for Azimut Yachts. We interviewed them at Boot Düsseldorf to capture the essence of these “sporty, yet elegant” interiors.

Azimut S7 : interior by Yachtique


This is your first project for Azimut Yachts. What has been your contribution?

“We approached this work,” Giulia Galanti explains. – trying to give continuity to what was the previous project, creating a continuity of line. There was also a need to develop a trait d’union between the design conceived by Alberto Mancini for the exterior and the new interiors done by us.

Our design concept dedicated to the sportsman is to transfer three concepts to the on-board atmosphere: tranquility, essentiality, lightness. We have declined all this in a series of points that form the backbone of the project: the main element inside is light, given by the windows enlarged by Alberto Mancini and enhanced by us as a fundamental element in enriching the boat. We created an integrated light in the ceilings and direct and indirect light elements of the boat, working out an architectural light that had stringy elements from stern to bow with focus on certain points.

Equally important was the choice of materials and woods, where lighter ones contrast with Canaletto walnut to make the vessel have important and obvious design elements, but still delicate and light.

The sporty yet elegant and modern yacht. What does it look like and how does it come into being?

“We interpreted the sports yacht ,” replied Andrea Mazzolari . Projecting it into the 21st century in our own way. We did this by making some of the contour lines that are found on the inside fluid. This is true both because of continuity between interior and exterior, but then because these lines make us think of sportiness, they are quite appealing lines that, however, result in elegance that we have tried to reconcile with the world of furniture and fashion. In short, the use of very light materials contrasted with anthracite elements allowed us to develop both character and sportiness.

Azimut S7
Azimut S7 – Master Cabin

Amidships we find the owner’s suite, pictured above, of this Azimut S7. It is designed with a central bed and towards the bow a vanity (on the right) and a bookcase/storage on the right. In the materials we see cuio contrasting with brushed anthracite. There is plenty of storage space throughout the cabin with lockers well hidden in the space, but functional and practical. A special detail is then found in the glass in the bathroom, which is black underneath but fades on top, allowing light to pass through while maintaining the necessary privicy.

There are differences between the cabins in the sense that the owner’s cabin has plusses that the others do not. For example, the use of intergate lights is found only in the master.


How important is the “contamination” between automotive, fashion and mobile on a yacht like this?

“Let’s say,” Mazzolari continued. that we tried to take cues from all three: fashion, automotive and mobile. This was contextualized on board, for example, with floating tubs finished in 100 percent leather and brushed anthracite. Coexisting on board are fabrics such as leather that are inspired by fashion and suggestions from the automotive in contrasting details such as quills and grooves. All of this has been concentrated in an environment where the essentials become the building blocks of the craft.

Azimut S7 salon
Azimut S7 salon

In fact, customers increasingly want to carry the fashion trend without losing the nautical spirit. So the boat is not only loose, but also needs functionality and aesthetic appearance together. They want the fashion they have at home, but without losing the nautical spirit. Integrating form and function, the aesthetics of loose without leaving nauticalness aside. This what we did.”

Read the full article here on the Azimut S7


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