Working in yachting: a new bachelor degree for yacht captains

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8 December 2020
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11 December 2020
laurea per comandanti yacht

laurea per comandanti yacht

degree for yacht captains

Here comes the “Bachelor Degree in Business with Specialization in Management for Yachting Captains” organized by GY Academy. What is the goal of this project?  To relaunch skills and credibility in the global market of people working in the Italian maritime sector. This is to guarantee quality and protect the professionalism of captains, but not only. It is also an opportunity to enter this world with an official certificate.

The degree course in management for Yacht Captains

How does the course develop? The training course is able to provide all the necessary skills to the captain of a boat to manage it: this means knowing a yacht from its design to refitting operations. The degree-level corresponds to an MQF Level 6.

Who can participate in the course?

Captains – maritime professionals with years of experience in the industry who have not graduated, but who wish to do so without having to go over everything they have already learned and who have recognized up to 50% of their previous work experience within the degree course;

Freshers – for those who start from scratch and want to enter the boating management industry

Graduates – students who already have a previous degree and are looking for a career change or want to enter the yachting world

Enrollment requirements include completion of secondary school, matriculation examination or professional qualification (MQF level 5), or at least one year of documented maritime service.

How does the course work

The GY Academy (based in Malta) – in collaboration with Fondazione ISYL (Italian Superyacht Life) and NAVIGO, a nautical innovation and development company – have developed the degree with this program.

  • The recognition of previous learning: students enrolled in the program have the opportunity to request recognition of previous knowledge and skills that the student has acquired through formal learning (training courses, workshops, seminars, etc.) and non-formal learning (in the workplace), allowing them to reduce the study time for the bachelor’s degree by up to 50% (from 3 years to 1 year and a half).
  • Practice: students have the unique opportunity to experience in practice what has been taught during the degree course. During the course, the work experience is also provided, in addition to the diploma, required by this type of market.
  • Possibility of employment: in addition to employment in yachting, those who attend the course will acquire skills for professionals such as yard manager, recreational tourism, nautical consulting, commercial or economic development, entrepreneur, project management, yacht management, commercial development,, operations supervisor, safety operations coordinator, sales manager.

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