“Barcavelox” in the French style. He doesn’t give tickets, but everyone slows down. Here’s how


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Barcavelox, the French have the pedagogical one. Now that boat speed detection systems are officially operational in Italy, let’s take a look at how in France, for the past 2 years, they have been experimenting at Port Camargue, the Barcavelox pedagogical, and why it probably works better than our punitive systems.In France, in Port Camargue, experimentation with the pedagogical Barcavelox is having great success. It is a system for detecting the speed of boats in the harbor channels, combined with a large light panel that simply displays the detected speed of boats.

The successful experience on French roads

Pedagogical speed cameras, are installed with great success at the entrance to a great many urban centers throughout France. In fact, they have been shown to be statistically much more effective in enforcing limits than classic speed cameras designed to photograph and fine individual motorists. Even some pedagogical speed cameras not only show the speed, but also green emoticons that smile if you obey the limits, and even write“merci!” (Thank you).

The Pedagogical Barcavelox in Port Camargue.

Port Camargue initiated the piloting of this“barcavelox” following continued complaints from boaters with smaller boats, and to those more exposed to the reflected wave on the docks. The speed is limited to 5 knots, but as the harbor is very large, some boaters were pushing on the gas to gain a few minutes upon reaching their berth.

How it works in Italy:

Arriva (di nuovo) il BarcaVelox: ecco cosa cambia ora

For the past two years, with an investment of about 5,600 euros, the company Sud Signalisation, has been marinizing one of its road panels, adapting the materials to the brackish environment and converting the displayed speed to knots.

Navigators entering Port Camargue find the large pedagogical Barcavelox panel, which shows them in real time, the speed detected. As a result, virtually all boats slow down.

Why the “French” barcavelox works better

It appears that the informational-educational approach, actually brings greater success in combating speed limit violations, than the more punitive approach so dear to Italy. Since the panel is visible to all, speed verification is obvious to the captain and the entire crew, and other boaters can also easily check who is not obeying the limits, and report if necessary. A form of social self-control.


With Barcavelox to calibrate instruments.

An “unexpected” use, however, is one especially dear to sailors: instrument calibration. In fact, the pedagogical Barcavelox offers an additional precise experimental measurement at the node of the SOG, Speed Over Ground, normally calculated by GPS, which can thus be exploited to set with further precision, the compensation of the solcometer error.

Lastly, the pedagogical barcavelox is useful for small boats, which, not having instruments, can find a certain reference of their speed in relation to engine revolutions.

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