The new issue is born, don’t miss Barche a Motore N.11

Pearl Yachts 62 at Dusseldorf Boat Show
17 December 2019
Stop the roll of the boat when you are at anchor
18 December 2019
Barche a motore Numero 11

Barche a motore Numero 11

Barche a motore Numero 11

Barche a motore Numero 11

Here we go! The new No.11 Barche a Motore is finally out. We are in the middle of winter and the sunny days at the beach are just a memory. Or maybe not? Immerse yourself in the new issue and you’ll find stories, sea trials, previews and tips to renew your boat (accessories), the cool winter destinations and a whole focus on the most powerful engines and those of 40 horsepower. What better way to face the winter while keeping your passion for motor boats alive? Subscribe now and don’t miss a single number!

10 reasons not to miss the new Barche a Motore!

1 – The Queens of the Mediterranean. First, we close 2019 with the super ranking with the 5 best boats of 2019 depending on the yachtsman. From page 22

2 – What comes in 2020? Where do the boats go? Here are the trends and the boats that we will see in 2020. From page 17

3 – Hundred years of boats. This year marks the centenary of the Feltrinelli Boatyard. A century of boats… A century of family boats for one of the most important realities in the Italian boating industry. From page 26

4 – The champion Fisherman. Here is the Tuccoli 250 VM, the Italian-style fisherman designed with the fishing champion Marco Volpi. From page 32

5 – The most powerful outboard. We entered the 450-horsepower Mercury Racing monster. Here’s how it looks From page 48

Stories and insights

6 – The new era of Sunseeker. Face to face with Andrea Frabetti, the man in charge of the historic English shipyard. From page 60

7 –  Catamarans are the boat of the moment. The catamaran under the microscope with advantages, secrets and goodies from the world of two hulls. And all the top models of the moment. From page 68

8 – Fabio Buzzi’s last record. We have retraced some of the greatest achievements of the genius of the hulls until the last, tragic, record. From page 80

9 – The port? It is better to choose it eco-sustainable. Here is our guide to the greenest ports.

10 – Our tests on board: Beneteau Flyer 10, Scanner Envy 1100 outboard, Astondoa 66 Fly and Evo R6.

You’ll find evidence of the latest innovations such as the new Envy 1100 outboard scanner, the Beneteau Flyer 10 and more.


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