Barche a motore No.6 is available! Here are 10 reasons to read it


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Find out what will be in the new issue of Barche a Motore (No.6) with everything that interests today’s yachtsmen. Interviews, insights and images from the world of international yachting with a focus on Italy and the Mediterranean. Are you ready? Here are 10 reasons not to miss the number!

1. What are the boats of the moment?

The best of the yachts just presented at the winter shows, Dusseldorf and Miami above all, but not only. From the roaring Cigarettes to the more Mediterranean 320 GT of Invictus, these are the 18 motor boats of the moment in the world.

2. New arrivals

A new category of yacht is born, the multispace of Cetera: the idea came thinking of a luxury villa, where all the “main rooms” are on the same level. In the same way, Cetera 60 takes up this configuration and adapts it to the world of boating. In 2020 we will see the first multispace yacht touching the water. This boat will be built in Italy, by the shipyard Fiart Mare.

3. How the boat moves

All about the movements of the main brands such as the agreement between Wally and Ferretti, Sanlorenzo that returns completely Italian and the appointment as CEO of Bluegame manager Carla Demaria, former president of Ucina. This and much more

4. Exclusive interviews

You vote to be a superyacht! Dario Messina tells us how he thought of NY24, Nerea’s 24-foot day cruiser, building it like a superyacht.

5. Top accessories

War on the fear of mooring: Raymarine and Prestige Yachts unveil DockSense, the mooring assistant who, with a “joystick” plus “video” system, wants to reassure anyone with a phobia of arriving at the dock.

6. Eco-yachting

Even motor yachts do not escape the trend (positive in every sense) of the Eco Barca. Compared to a yacht from 2000, today’s yachts are much less polluting and will be less so. That’s why and how the boat is becoming Eco.

7. Boat Focus

Med Boat, European rib with 1700 horses and boats with the fly. Here’s what you’ll find in the details about boats. A focus on some emblematic models of this moment.

8. The story of a myth

80 years of Mercury Marine. Here is the (very long) story of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine engines. Images never seen before through three quarters of a century seen through the eyes of the company founded by Carl Kierkhaefer.

9. Tell me which bow you have and I will tell you which boat you are

It’s about the bow. Now it has become a distinctive feature, every shipyard does it its own way and the boats become recognizable or unique thanks to her: we are talking about the bow. In this issue we analyse how design is evolving, starting from what for many might seem like a “detail.

10. What your boat says about your boat

We interviewed one of the most popular designers in motor boats, the 47 year old from Parma Christian Grande. In 2018 he signed for models born in the yards Invictus, Cranchi, Sessa and Sacs, just to name a few: here is the pleasure boating, seen through the eyes of a top designer.

Special Spring Cruises: where to go

In this issue you will also find a section dedicated to four itineraries perfect for enjoying the sea in spring. From the French Riviera to Greece, passing through Sicily and Sardinia. Here are some suggestions to better enjoy the “first sea”.

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