Bavaria E34 Fly the big baby of the E series. Environmentally friendly, economical and efficient


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Bavaria E 34

Bavaria E 34The Bavaria E34 Fly is the latest addition to the E range, the range that in the canons of the German giant Bavaria Yachts identifies efficient, environmentally friendly and economical motoryachts.

Efficiency for the water lines, sure, where the design focus has been on economy, the environment and being in harmony with nature rather than absolute performance, not surprisingly, Bavaria E-Line is also available with a diesel electric hybrid engine and even a full electric version. But efficiency is also developed for something more immediately experienced by everyone, even when not sailing, namely the revolutionary space concept: everything on board the Bavaria E is extra large, also on the Bavaria E34 Fly, but also on its flight deckless sister E 34 Sedan, despite their 10.30-meter overall length.

Bavaria E 34Merit for this lies in the unusual arrangement of rooms arranged in a hull with generous geometries. That match the brightness of the main deck. The feeling you get is that of home by the sea, or rather home by the sea, the lake or wherever you like to be in contact with the water on which you have the opportunity to rest your gaze on the entire horizon even while standing in the saloon.

Bavaria E 34In the 9.99-meter hull length, thus placing it in the watercraft category, Giebelstadt designers were able to put two double cabins and two bathrooms, accessed by two separate descents: aft for the guest cabin, along the centerline close to the windshield for the master cabin. Also available to the owner is the option of having a separate shower room in his bathroom or whether to opt for additional material storage space instead. Quetsa cabin, also can be configured as needed with a single central double berth or twin berths abreast of the broadside.

Bavaria E34 an extra large vessel

Bavaria E 34Occupying the entire indoor part of the main deck is the salon, which, thanks to the many large windows on the superstructure, has virtually no visual obstructions with the outside environment. This is also home to the enclosed driver’s station (the only one in the Sedan, of course, the second to the top one in the Fly version), which, however, is not located, as is customary, in the forward part of the interior, but slightly shifted to the starboard side of the keel line, Is located close to the entrance from the manhole, more easily reached from every point on the boat: in front of the helm is the large pantry and the long dining table. And behind the helm is the large cockpit for sunbathing and entertaining on the folding swim platform for a perfect day at sea. In addition, for those who really want to relax, there is a large sundeck in the bow.

Bavaria E 34In the engine room, in addition to the options mentioned above, the more traditional version with Volvo Penta diesel engines with shaft drive includes three options: 60 horsepower (standard Sedan version), 110 horsepower (offered as standard in the Fly version) and 220 horsepower. The list price, excluding VAT, for the Bavaria E34 Sedan is €162,900, while for the Fly version it comes to €199,900.00. To have a hybrid or electric powertrain, the necessary expense is about 50 thousand euros higher.




Data sheet Bavaria E34

Sedan Fly
Overall length 10,30 m 10,30 m
Hull length 9,99 m 9,99 m
Water line length 9,75 m 9,75 m
Maximum beam 3,49 m 3,49 m
Height above the waterline 3,40 m 3,75 m
Fishing (appr.) 0,92 m 0,95 m
Dry weight (appr.) 7550 kg 8400 kg
Fuel tank (optional) 270 lt (540 lt) 270 lt (540 lt)
Water tank 300 lt 300 lt
Max number of people Cat. EC B (C) 6 (12) 6 (12)
Cabin-bathrooms 2 – 2 2 – 2
Bunks 4 4
Salon height 2,05m 2,05m
Shower enclosures (optional) 0 (1) 0 (1)
Engines Volvo Penta Volvo Penta
Power supply Diesel Diesel
Standard power 1 x D2-60HP 1 x D3-110HP
Optional power 1 x D3-110HP 1 x D4-220HP
Optional power 1 x D4-220HP



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