The winter of Big Game, 8 tips about this fishing technique


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[one_second] A dynamic, affordable and funny fishing technique to enjoy even in winter. With a few rules and a little luck, results can be surprising. Winter is the season where fishing equipment should be shelved? Not at all. In winter, the chances of important captures multiply, especially if you choose a particular technique: Big Game. The simplest among fishing techniques, it only requires a small boat, middle-low end equipment and, high-quality electronic devices.

The winter of Big Game

This technique is perfect to fish not far away from the coast or in medium-deep shallows while greater depths deserve a separate chapter. On depths from 20 to 70-80 meters, captures can be exceptional, with very low costs and much fun. Preys can be high-value. In particular, the big family of sea breams is the “main menu” but groupers, rockfish, snappers and many other species can be caught, too. This dynamic fishing technique can be practiced with medium-light equipment, with the boat at the anchor or even following the stream is sea conditions make it possible. Anglers use natural baits and, in winter, robust ones are recommended: squids, cuttlefish, sardines, and shrimps are the most common preys while, in summer, annelid can be a good option. The most important thing to do is to locate the most appropriate fishing spot: a scarp, a series of rocks emerging from a sandy seabed, a solid rock, a sunken wreck. Big Game is more successful in these contexts and this is why a good knowledge of the area and a good fish finder are so important. [/one_second] [one_second]


Fishing rods from 2.5 meters to 5 are the best options. The lower depth is, the longer and more sensible the rod will be. For a depth of over 50 meters, a 3-meter rod with an action of at least 50-150 grams and a reel of over 5000 grams is the best option.


A braided fishing line of 0.20-0.25 is perfect for depths of less than 70-80 meters. We recommend to use tackle of not less than 0.25: this way, rocks will not cut your equipment.

Models with folding flukes are highly recommended.


Fishing champion Antonello Salvi recommends the Garmin Striker Plus 7sv.


Squids, shrimps and sardines are the main ones.


Sunrise and sunset are the favourite ones, but you can also fish late at night. Slightly rough sea can facilitate captures.


Please avoid flat zones. Opt for wrecks, scarps or rocks emerging from the sand.

Sea breams but also groupers and rockfish. [/one_second]



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