Bluegame 40: iconic, cabin cruiser and super-versatile (12.4m)- From the Archives


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Bluegame 40
Bluegame 40

Building on the success of previous Youngtimers, here is another boat with remarkable DNA, another super-proof drawn from the unique content in the Motor Boats archives: the Bluegame 40, praise of the walkaround. Designed by Luca Santarella and launched in 2010, the Bluegame 40 is not one, but as many as five different boats, all cabin cruisers, suitable for cruising and fast over 30 knots… Open, with Top or with Tuna-Tower, there is one used for every taste.

Bluegame 40

Declined over several versions, the Bluegame 40 is indeed versatile like few others, marine more than just right and ‘quirky’ enough. A boat charged with personality, unique in its time, unprecedented, and the child of a shipyard that, to this day, never ceases to amaze.

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Bluegame 40
Bluegame 40

Bluegame 40 – Project

Becoming the tender of some mega yacht is one of the destinations that Luca Santella, designer, has always identified for his project. Indeed, the open spaces and their usability make the Bluegame 40 ideal for this use as well, but there is no question that it already works great as a cruising boat. Especially for those who, on an extended summer vacation, alternate numerous weekends with quick day trips. In this case the Bluegame 40 is ideal, as it is also ideal for fishing enthusiasts looking for a compromise between the extremes of either use (especially the version with Tuna Tower…).

The hull is just the right amount of sea, with a deadrise of 17°, and most importantly, it is designed for Cummins Zeus transmissions, which are the perfect complement. The look is very personal, but undoubtedly iconic, with prominent deckhouse volumes and the black rubber canopy running all the way around, sleeking the profile of this boat, a unique piece in its own way.

Bluegame 40 – Here are the 5 declinations available

Bluegame 40 – Outsiders

Turning to the deck, access to the stern is completely unobstructed, creating a whole between the cockpit and the bridge. The teak decking is an optional extra, but it turns out to be almost mandatory to have it, while the walkway turns out to be wide and well protected, itself complete with an additional handrail, however, necessary just in faster sailings. Looking at relaxation and comfort, as many as three sundecks are on board. Fore and aft are the canonical ones, on top of the top the more capacious and also more exclusive one accessed by a double and relatively convenient aluminum ladder that also supports the hard top.

Bluegame 40 – Aft lounge and covered cockpit

Protected by the latter, we also find a very intimate but well-sized dinette, with a cabinet on the left that aligns a sink and cooktop, as well as a refrigerator in the frame. In the bow we find the dashboard, with well-placed and readable instrumentation, complete with dual carbon-framed seating. Everything is well protected by the wraparound windshield and awnings that completely enclose the area.

Bluegame 40 – Cockpit views

In the bow, still well protected by the high bulwark, a large locker opens to hold fenders and on-board equipment, as well as shelter for the anchor chain, which is accessed from inside the locker itself, while the control is wireless. At the forward end, a double hatch covers electric winches for mooring lines and fresh and salt water taps for washing them. Mooring at the stern is also facilitated by the two electric winches.

Bluegame 40 – View of the bow. Note the sundress on the top


As for the interior, although it may not look like it from the outside, the Bluegame 40 offers two more-than-capable cabins and a saloon that can be converted into an additional two berths, bringing the total number of guests to 6, although 4 is ideal. Used as dinette space instead of extra cabin space, the area is perfect and comfortable, complete with storage space.To starboard is the cabin with single berths and, to port, the double berth cabin. Both have a decent height at the entrance (about 1.90 m), the same as the whole square, and also the one toilet room, which is well sized.

The finish of the furniture is excellent, as is the choice of materials, denoting good attention to the elegance of the interior, while knowing how to keep it, rightly, practical.Overall, against expectation, the Bluegame 40 demonstrates excellent roominess, thanks in part to the Zeus transmissions, which allow the engines to be mounted further back, leaving more room for the interior.

Bluegame 40 – Interior


In terms of performance, the Bluegame 40 proved early on that it knew its stuff. These are the words of our contributor, kept in original so as not to mislead the impression:

Here I am satisfied: the sea outside Carrara harbor is one that is good for testing the hull of the Bluegame, the work of U.S. designer Lou Codega. A long wave, a remnant of the previous days’ gales, immediately makes it clear that even under sail the boat holds all the good promises.

The passage over the wave is smooth, even when I try to cross our wake, so the impact might be more abrupt. Not very fast glide entry: the flaps are automatically adjusted by Zeus transmission management, so I have to trust them when they tell me that above 22 knots they are practically zero. On the other hand, the boat does not show the slightest hint of gybing, and visibility is always excellent. The real surprise is when I start to tack, I am at about 2600 rpm and over 27 knots of speed. I hazard a somewhat tight turn and the Bluegame goes along with me with such naturalness and ease that I feel like tightening further, eventually turning not quite on myself but almost: the radius is very small without the boat giving any signs of impatience.

Bluegame 40

The most distant transmissions are doing their homework, and how! And for maneuvering in port, there is the joystick that solves every problem. Minimum glide is held at 1700 rpm and 13 knots of speed with a consumption of about 60 liters of diesel fuel. Bluegame is not only fast but also inexpensive. I reach top speed at 2980 rpm at 32 knots, but the boat has been at sea for about a month, and the hull is not exactly squeaky clean. Previous tests had exceeded 3000 rpm (3050 to be precise) reaching 36 knots.

That’s enough for me, Bluegame has won me over and I hope I have intrigued some readers as well, this 40-footer deserves attention.

Bluegame 40 – Measured Performance

Water test conditions: 2010
True Wind Speed (TWS) 12 kn
Sea State slightly blurred
Air Temperature 26°
Embarked Fuel 400 L
Embarked Crew 4 people
Hull Cleaning Media
Motorization Installed 2x 425 hp


Revolutions per Minute (RPM) Speed (KN) Motor Consumption (L/H)
600 5.0
1000 7.5 14 l/h
1500 10.3
2000 19.0 81 l/h
2500 25.0 106 l/h
2980 32.0 155 l/h


Theoretical Autonomy in Hours (10% reserve)
2000 RPM 16 hours 55′
2500 RPM 12 hours 45′
2980 RPM 8 hours 40′

Bluegame 40 – Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 12.41 m
Hull Length (LOH) 11.95 m
Length at Waterline (LWL) 11.03 m
Baglio Massimo (Bmax) 4.37 m
Fishing 0.80 m
No-load displacement 9.6 t
Motorization 2x 425 hp
Fuel Tank 1500 L
Fresh Water Tank 300 L
People Scope 12
Design Category B


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