Bluegame 62, the all-Italian chameleon boat


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The largest of the Bluegame models can be an open, fisherman, weekender, cruiser, or megayacht tender. In each case it finds its raison d’être.

A kaleidoscope is a simple toy in the unmistakable aesthetic thanks to the fisherman’s horse with its structure: a cylinder with bits of glass inside that, moving randomly near mirrors, return ever-changing and fascinating images to the eye.

The Bluegame has the same basic idea, to put many potentials in a boat, namely stained glass and mirrors, and let the owner choose which one he wants to have in front of his eyes. “So many different owners sew it on themselves because it can be experienced differently: family boat, megayacht support, open, fisherman…,” explains Luca San- tella, the creative mind behind the Bluegame project.

That as the first thing he chose the pieces of glass to put into the cylinder in which they rotate. “I started from below, from the hull, which is why I went to Washington to meet with Luis Codega, an experienced designer (a graduate of naval architecture and marine engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston).

On this basis we have evolved the various examples, from the proto Bluegame, unbranded, for an owner who wanted his boat in 2001, to the models in production today,” says the Carrara architect.

Right now-and in the box on the following pages you will read why we say this-the pinnacle of the Bluegame project is the BG62. “A boat for a niche and experienced audience, difficult for a neophyte to consider,” says the former Olympic sailor. An uncompromising open, the bow high on the water and the deckhouse resembling an upside-down pyramid with the wheelhouse windshield upside down.

Open-air spaces for every need and redundant to let everyone choose their desired location and crowding: there are as many as three sundeck and relaxation areas. The aft beach has a self-propelled portion for hauling and miscellaneous of the tender, or even just to stay merrigued on the water surface.

Useful are the impavesata-protected walkways, wide enough to make quick passage easy for those who need to go from the driver’s station to maneuvering. Although a sailor cabin is provided, it is often the owner himself who personally manages his boat.

“With the IPS thrusters, the boat has become extremely user friendly in terms of ease of maneuvering. If you add the joystick, from this point of view the BG62 really becomes a 19-meter toy,” Luca Santella tells us again.

When you descend the ladder that leads below deck, you arrive in a world that you do not expect, in size and height. Developed with the support of Studio Zuccon International Projects “who also worked on the hard top and with whom we had an excellent collaboration.”

In fact, the interiors are designed to have spaces in which to spend time, not as excuses to tell that down there is also the cabin.

Which, by the way, are two and full-beam: the VIP stateroom forward with V-beds and the master stateroom amidships with separate toilet room and shower compartment. Dividing the two areas is the common area with the dinette for dining and the kitchen. In short, however you want to spin it, like a kaleidoscope, a Bluegame will always send back a fascinating image.



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