The 50 knot electric boat and motor surf: here 5 “crazy” things from Dusseldorf


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barche a motore say29e

Everybody talks about electric propulsion, but at the Dusseldorf exhibition there were those who presented themselves with 100% electric and operational solutions. Ready to go, in production.

The 51-knot electric boat

Like the Germans of Say Yachts who exhibit the Say 29 E (8.85 m), an elegant motorboat that holds the speed record for a small boat. On a lake the Say 29E reached 51 knots driven by a 360Kw engine, the equivalent of a 500 hp thermal engine. The secret of this result lies in the lightness of the hull, which weighs only 380 kilos, thanks to an all-carbon construction with a thickness of only 17 millimetres, weighing one third more than normal fibreglass.

barche a motore say29e

This weight saving allows to install on board 900 kg of batteries that are located aft under the sunbed. With the right infrastructure, they can be charged in five hours. There are three levels of speed: “Port” up to six knots and very low torque, “Sport” and “Insane” (in cars you could equate it to “off-road”). The boat is very elegant, well finished and…expensive (around 350,000 euros).

Less energy thanks to an air cushion

Another 100% electric boat present at the Dusseldorf boat show is the Eelex 6500 (6.50 m) from the Swedish X Shore shipyard, of which we have already given you a foretaste: the electric with the heart of Rolls Royce, which flies at 41 knots. It’s an open-top model with an out-of-traditional design that has its strong point, also in this case, in a very light construction. In addition, it has a special hull that reduces the resistance to forward movement thanks to an air cushion between the boat and the water. According to the shipyard, the efficiency and energy saving compared to a traditional hull improves by 35%.

eelex 6500 barche

The Eelex 6500 can reach 40 knots of speed, the power supply is provided by two battery options, 90 kWh and 120 kWh. It charges via dual (230 V / 5 AMP) or triple (400 V / 30 AMP) connections until fully charged in just 8 hours, depending on the power source. The range at cruising speed is 100 miles. The boat can be customized in many details and features directly online.

 Now surfing is powered At the Dusseldorf Salon, 100% electric is not only the prerogative of boats, but also of surfers.  They are surfboards in every way, but you don’t need the right wave to have fun. Thanks to an electric motor inserted in the middle of the board and a propeller at the end of the submerged fin in the middle or at the stern, you can make evolution worthy of an outing in Hawaii. For those who are familiar with balance on a board, it also becomes a means of movement on the water. Interesting is the model of the German Lampuga that is inflatable and fits in a practical suitcase.

lampuga boost surf barcheLe aziende che presentano questi surf a motore elettrico, oltre alla già citata Lampuga sono: Jet Surf  e Lift che offre modelli con i foil. I costi? Da 600 a oltre 1.000 euro



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