Boat fishing, three top places to go in winter in 2024


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Boat fishing
Boat fishing. In this article we reveal three exotic destinations for you to enjoy fishing in 2024

Boat fishing, the time is now. Off-season vacation among the world’s most beautiful seas to try to catch the most challenging prey. Between Big Game and sport fishing, here are the destinations where Being able to combine a passion for the sport with a period of relaxation

Boat fishing, three top 2024 destinations

Combining a passion for sport fishing with a week-long vacation in the world’s most beautiful seas is possible. In this report we present three “top” destinations to go to in the winter where you can find an efficient organization for your fishing trips and where you can spend a relaxing time away from home, selected by the experts at Motor Boats.

There are several ways to organize such a trip, one can choose the destination and plan the stay with any tour operator and then look directly on site for excursions. In order to be hassle-free, we recommend that you contact a qualified tour operator directly in Italy who can plan from overnight accommodations to sea fishing, so there are no surprises once you reach your destination.

Third option is to stay directly on the boat, renting it for the entire period. Definitely more convenient and fascinating solution for enthusiasts. In any case, pay attention to the type of equipment provided, not all of them, offer the complete kit.

1. Panama

In Central America, Panama is one of the few countries in the world that boasts of a temperate climate almost all year round. A minimal level of humidity and low rainfall during the period between October and the end of May makes this an ideal destination for fishing trips. Washed by two oceans, linked by the famous Panama Canal, the Pacific to the south and the Atlantic to the north, it is one of the few places where within the same week you can fish in two different oceans.

Boat fishing
Boat Fishing – Panama

There are many resorts that organize fishing stays that can arrange outings with different types of boats. The average price is from 1,300 euros for five nights and 3 days of fishing including, in addition to overnight stay, boat rental, assistance, meals and use of hotel facilities. The best prey in this region are black marlin and sailfish (between January and April), blue marlin and striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and dorado; in the shallow waters around the South Islands, numerous roosterfish are caught.

The right months to fish in Panama: January-April (good), May-December (good)
What you fish for: Marlin, tuna, dorado
Type of fishing: trolling, spinning, fly jigging
For info:,,

2. Los Roques

One of the most pristine and enchanting archipelagos in the Caribbean Sea. Located about 90 miles north of Caracas, it is reached by flying first over the Venezuelan capital and then directly to Gran Roque Island. The archipelago, consisting of about 360 islands and surrounded by a large and beautiful coral reef, enjoys an ideal year-round climate with the absence of hurricane phenomena.

A variety of lodging options in the capital, at characteristic posadas overlooking the sea. The range of offerings is vast; Los Roques is one of the best places in the world for fly fishing along the many beaches. The most desirable prey are bonefish in large numbers, various permit and the powerful tarpon. Little practiced, but equally profitable, trolling to catch barracuda, tuna, yellowfin, dolphinfish, while heavy trolling can catch sailfish, wahoo, blue marlin, white marlin.

The right months to fish in Los Roques: January-December (good)
What you fish for: Bonefish, tuna, barracuda
Type of fishing: trolling, spinning, fly jigging
For info:,,

3. Thailand – Boat fishing

Little known among fishing vacation destinations, Thailand offers several offerings in the archipelago of Phuket to the west and Ko Samui to the east. Accommodations can be either in the various lodges present or directly aboard fully equipped boats.

Prices vary widely depending on the type of stay desired. Beware, however, that not all hotels are equipped to plan sport fishing excursions, so it is best to arrange the tour directly in Italy. Prey that can be caught include sailfish especially abundant between July and October, black marlin between October and March, yellowfin tuna, “dogtooth” tuna, lampugas, wahoo, carangidae including large GTs, groupers, snapper, rainbow runner, bonitos, and various species of sharks. Due to the exceptional climate, one can successfully fish all year round. The types of fishing commonly practiced are fast trolling with artificial lures sometimes combined with dead bait.

The right months to fish in Thailand: January-April (excellent), May-September (good), October-December (excellent)
What you fish for: Tuna, groupers, dorado, wahoo
Type of fishing: fast trolling, spinning
For info:,,

In the next installment we reveal three more top places for off-season boat fishing




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