This Swedish boat goes to 95 knots with two 400 hp outboards

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19 August 2019
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23 August 2019

Not only in the United States of America, but also in Sweden, they are very good at superfast powerboats. An example is the Nitra 29, equipped with two Mercury Racing of 400 horses each, for a total of 2300 kg. In these conditions the Nitra flies up to 95 knots (but you can also sleep in it, while it’s not navigating). At a recent race the Njord Go Fast, (the site is in Swedish) between Sandhamn (near Stockholm) and Mariehamn, capital of the Åland Islands in Finland, this boat has held an average of almost 89 knots for over 63 nautical miles.

All-gas in the Baltic Sea

In the video you can see the Nitra 29 with on board the pilot Marcus Friberg, who is the current CEO of Nitra Boats and with him the co-driver Stefan Exerman, president of the Board of Directors, and the second co-driver, Lars Holst.

Nitra 29 – The boat on which they are located is equipped with ballasts, tanks that in case of sea formed can be filled (or emptied) in navigation to increase stability. The deep V hull is developed to allow the boat to reach very high speeds. Not only that: there is also room for sleeping (up to 3 people).

Nitra 22 Super Sport, 70 knots with only one outboard


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