Boat tax in Greece: how much, how and where to pay (and all the penalties)


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It has been talked about for years, now the boat parking tax in Greece is a reality. The tax is called Tepai and here is all you need to know if you sail in Greek waters: before you demonize the tax by naming as an example of the one Monti wanted in Italy (and which caused a flight of boats abroad), it must be said that many moorings in Greece are still free (especially on the islands but also on much of the coast), so if the Hellenic tourist port wants to go up a level, money to invest has to be found somewhere.

Who has to pay for it? All vessels over 7 meters in length transiting Greek waters. Whether the units are private or owned by charter companies (regardless of the flag flown).

How much do you pay? It starts with 16 euros per month for boats from 7.01 to 8 meters; from 8.01 to 10 m it goes up to 25 euros per month; from 10.01 to 12 i pay 33 euros. Beyond 12 meters, the fee payable is determined by multiplying the length of the boat x 8: for example, a Bavaria 44, 13.95 m long, will pay 111.60 euros (13.95×8) monthly.

Are there any discounts? Yes, a measly 10 percent if you pay the full year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31) but the discount applies only if you pay by the end of January. There is an additional 20% if you keep your boat moored in a Greek marina all year round (you will have to get the certificate from the port). The fee does not have to be paid if you keep the boat dry, if it is moored but is in fact unused you will need the declaration issued by the relevant port authority.

How do you pay for it? You will have to pay monthly by referring to the calendar month: if you transit Greek waters, for example, from August 24 to September 7, you will have to pay the fee for two months. One must pay before entering Greek waters and this must be done directly online, at the web address You will need to make a registration, following which you will be issued a 20-digit electronic code that will allow you to finalize the deposit.

If you are unable to pay on the site, you can make payment at customs offices, port authorities, banks or local offices set up for this purpose. The fee can also be paid from abroad with a classic wire transfer, always indicating the electronic code that is generated on the site. Once the month is up, you can stay three more days in Greek waters before risking being fined.

Heavy fines! If you have not paid the fee and you are caught, fines start from 190 euros (boats up to 8 meters), 300 euros (8.01-10 m), 400 euros (10.01-12 m), 1,100 euros (over 12.01 m). To these figures must be added the fee amounts. For example, an 11-meter boat sanctioned after sailing “bareboat” two months in Greek waters will have to pay 400 euros fine plus 66 euros (33 euros per month for two months).



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