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Who is Dario Messina, the “tailor” of superyachts who has started to make boats
1 April 2019
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Even the 20-metre boats want the tender garage
4 April 2019


Wally Power 118

Wally Power 118

Thinking that bows say 90% of the rest of a boat is not entirely wrong. They immediately transmit the spirit of a project: if it is designed to be comfortable or performing. We have particularly noticed that during the latest boat shows where we had the opportunity to see how yacht designers are increasingly adopting innovative solutions for bow lines both in terms of appearance and comfort on and below deck. Boat manufacturers use bow lines to distinguish themselves from competitors and emphasize them with distinctive details and unique logos. However, bows are not only an aesthetic matter because they are, first of all, essential in terms of boat seaworthiness and lines. A particularly vertical stempost or a particularly sharpened bow can make the difference. Here the 10 bow of the moment

  • Wally 118 Power
  • Say Runaboat
  • Pardo 43
  • Wally 118 Power
  • Azimut 66
  • Beneteau Flyer
  • Absolute Navetta
  • Wally Tender 48
  • Canelli 39
  • Frauscher 1017 GT Air
  • Lux

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