Boat Wrapping: how to make boat interiors unique (without disassembling anything)


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An example of a boat refitted with 3M’s DI-NOC range

How many times upon boarding did poor interior care make you think the boat was many more years old than it really was? Or buying a used boat, to give it a more personal touch, would you have wanted to redo the interior fittings to customize them with the latest trends in Interior Design? Today there is a solution with which you can easily renovate your boat’s walls, ceilings or planking details (in short, all the interior) without dismantling or removing what is already there.

It is called boat wrapping, and it is a phenomenon that is becoming very popular in the boating world because of the many possibilities it offers. Leading the industry in Italy is 3M: we asked them how it works and what advantages this technique has for boaters.

Wrapping the interior of a boat

Let’s talk about 3M DI-NOC. It is a high-tech product that consists of ultralight laminates that realistically reproduce, both to the eye and to the touch, materials of all kinds. You can choose from as many as 40 families totaling more than 1,000 finishes that reproduce the warmth of wood, the class of brushed metals, the elegance of leather and natural stone along with dozens of other possibilities. The laminates are applied to the pre-existing surface, even curved or complex ones, but completely changing its final appearance.

But why would a shipowner choose this solution? As we said above, a boat maintains a good value in the market not only if the engines and fiberglass are in good order, but also if the outfitting is well maintained. At the same time when buying a used boat you may feel the need to want to change and/or upgrade the boat to suit your tastes. Just think of how much interior aesthetics have changed between a 2010 yacht and a 2020 one. In this sense, interior wrapping allows not only to breathe new life into on-board spaces, but also to do so with an eye toward practicality and style. Let’s see why.

The benefits of boat wrapping for interiors

This solution is made with particularly flexible coatings. The de facto intervention requires neither removal nor disassembly of partitions. This results in much faster work than traditional methods, while also reducing the time the boat has to spend ashore (and thus the cost of storage), the cost of labor. It also benefits the peace of mind of the owner who does not have the entire below-deck plan of the boat disassembled.

3M DI-NOC finishes are CE marked, guaranteed for up to 12 years, and the physical characteristics virtually eliminate maintenance. They are fire retardant and safe for indoor applications and resistant to water, dirt, impact, wear and abrasion.

Boat wrapping: about 3M DI-NOC

The DI-NOC 2021-2023 collection explores the latest developments in the world of Design and further new variations of Matte (ultra-matte) finishes. Among the finishes introduced with the new collection, the main new features are the “Premium Wood”, “Artisanal”, “Metallic Palette” series and other patterns that reproduce materials such as brick, chipboard, and felt, which are normally difficult to use indoors due to practical limitations such as flammability, ease of cleaning and maintenance, durability and weight. The complete collection can be viewed at the following link.


Premium Wood

This unique technology creates the tone and texture of each wood essence and is able to express the realistic texture and feel of natural wood. The controlled reflection of ultra-matte coating technology is combined with wood grain embossing for a unique visual and tactile experience.


A series that contains plastered stucco, mortar, terracotta, oxidized copper plates, and metal weave fabrics. The collection is inspired by industrial materials and handcrafted handmade finishes to show a rich irregular texture with warm yet sophisticated tones. In economic terms, this type of product eliminates the practical constraints of using natural materials, the unstable surface structure, and the difficulty of maintenance.

Metallic Palette

A sought-after palette offering a variety of metallic finishes (semi-matte, hairline, oxidized, random lines) and easy-to-use colors (four gray scales, plus gold and champagne). A range of effects with different surface sheen and very high scratch resistance are available to meet every need in all spaces.

For more info on 3M Boat Wrapping here is the link with official brochure.



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