Boating License 2022, now taking it is “easier”. And change the quiz


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On Oct. 13, a new decree from the Ministry of Infrastructure went into effect, transforming the boating license exam with new equal exams for all, debased programs and greater tolerance for candidates. In short, the process is now simplified, but there is no shortage of paradoxes.

Boating license 2022: quiz changes

Getting a boat license is now “smarter.” No more different exams from one location to another, long lists of topics to be memorized, or the waivers in the home stretch because of a trivial flunking. The examination to obtain the license to command sailing and motor boats in Italy changes face and is simpler, more streamlined, in line with the times and, above all, the same for everyone. In fact, after 24 years since the last law on the subject, we are talking about 1997, a new decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure came into force last October 13. This transforms the boating license exam in a major way with a new administration unique across the country, new rules for the conduct of theory and practical tests, and new curricula.


Equal boat license for all

Appreciable is undoubtedly the fact that there is finally a uniform discipline for obtaining category A, B, and C nautical licenses. Thus, an end to the myriad of ministerial circulars and ordinances of the various maritime authorities that effectively created a chaos of different exams for different places and practices of “easy licenses” on the borders of legality. Now the exams are the same for everyone.

The new law also confirms that driver’s license exams are public and consist of a written test and a practical test. But it adds a sore point. In fact, unlike before, the two tests are to be held on different days and with different committees. This decision aims to lighten the workload of the offices and make up for staff shortages. In fact, however, candidates now have to shoulder a double trip to the examination venue, with all that that entails.

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Boating License 2022 – Mandatory practical lessons: at least five hours

The other change that is not very convincing, especially to private learners, is the requirement for certified practical lessons. Now to be eligible for the exams you must present a certificate issued by a nautical school showing that you have performed at least 5 hours of maneuvers, including mooring, unmooring and man overboard recovery. What is not convincing is the five hours, which is too short for someone who has never been on a boat. This figure is suitable for those who already have a good browsing experience. It goes without saying that for neophyte it is advisable to carry out even more, so as to gain more confidence with the boat. The cost, however, may increase in this case.

Simpler, more up-to-date, and more rational are then the examination tests that have more tolerance for candidates. The written test includes a basic quiz for all licenses with 20 multiple-choice questions. The test is passed with at least 16 correct answers in a maximum of 30 minutes. The boating license quiz on elements of nautical charting for the “within 12 miles” license consists of 5 single-answer questions: you must give at least 4 correct answers in a maximum of 20 minutes. For the “no-limit” qualification, on the other hand, the charting quizzes consist of the charting test with compasses and squares, which has 4 questions: to be promoted, one must answer at least three questions (correctly) in one hour, whereas previously even one mistake could cost the exam. Specific quizzes are also provided for sailing unit ratings: that is, 5 single-answer questions with at least 4 correct answers to be given in a maximum of 15 minutes.

As for examination programs, gone are astronomy and use of the sextant, time zones, local time calculation, compass compensation, and the residual deviation table, while new topics such as protection of the marine environment, regulation of bathing activities, and sport and underwater fishing enter.

But it is on the practical test that the new decree proves most generous, offering more opportunities to retake exams or save some of them anyway. For example, someone who passed the boating license quiz and failed the two times allowed in the practical test can take a third one within 30 days without repeating the theory.

Unsuccessful written tests may also be repeated within the validity period of the examination application. Those who also fail the charting test for the “unlimited” license from the coast can apply to go on to get the “within 12 miles” license by taking the charting quizzes, just as those who fail the sailing quizzes can consider taking the license for motor units only.

Boating license 2022: how the rules will be implemented

In short, there is no doubt that beyond a few dubious solutions, the new exam is simpler, more balanced and in line with current times, and the candidates themselves can finalize their preparation to the fullest by avoiding dispersion or giving up. That said, it remains to be seen how the new rules will be implemented. In fact, the decree came into force without a rather strategic part, namely the unique database of quizzes for the boating license of the theory part, which should be approved within 60 days along with the way of extracting the questions to be given to the candidates. S


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