Boating vacations: ports and marinas in Sicily from Capo Gallo to Palermo


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Mondello, just a few kilometers from Palermo, retains an extraordinary charm.


Maps and GPS coordinates, routes, itineraries, ports, marinas and marinas, bays, landings and beaches, what to see ashore-a complete guide to planning your boating vacation.

Sicily is the largest island in the entire Mediterranean, with more than 1,500 km of coastline full of stunning beaches and coves that can only be reached by boat.

Ports and marinas in northern Sicily from Capo Gallo to Palermo



(130 seats) 38°12′ 10N – 13°14′ 20E

It is named after the small island that lies in the sea in front of the marina, located instead on the coast 3 miles W of Cape Rooster. This same stretch of sea is also home to the Capo Gallo Marine Area.

Approach: frequented mainly by local fishermen, it consists of two converging piers that leave a narrow entrance passage to be approached by ENE route.

Dangers: always advance with caution, as the harbor is subject to silting and depths may be different.

Mooring: follow the signs and give bottom in front of the breakwater dock.

Maximum boat length: 12 meters. Depth: 1-5 meters.

VHF: channel 16. Facilities: water and electricity at the moorings and fuel at the dock. On the ground: stores and restaurants, while the village has a post office and bank.

Isle of Females
Isle of Females



(50 places) 38°12′ 00N – 13°16′ 45E

Shelter for local fishing boats positioned 2.5 miles W of Cape Rooster. Approach: occurs without particular difficulty in this wind-protected inlet from S. Dangers: be careful near the pier where the seabed is particularly uneven.

Mooring: tip on the last third of the pier dock, giving anchor toward S on good sand tenor.

Maximum boat length: 15 meters. Depth: 1-4 meters.

VHF: channel 16. Services: water and electricity at the dock. Available: engine and electrical repairs. Ashore: stores, bars and restaurants.




(150 seats) 38°13′ 35N – 13°19′ 45E

Marina solely for tourism and built in front of Motomar shipyard. Dominated by Cape Rooster at O it consists of a three-armed pier 250 meters long. Approach: well protected from N and W winds is somewhat exposed to the sirocco. To enter, stand in the center of the mouth at minimum speed and follow staff directions.

Mooring: along the F-shaped floating dock. Max boat length: 20 meters. Depth: 2-6 meters.

VHF: channel 16. Services: water and fuel at the dock. Available:

repairs, crane and slipway.

Rooster Pit
Rooster Pit



(200 places) 38°12′ 20N – 13°19′ 75E

There are as many as four accessible marinas in the northern part of the Gulf of Palermo: Mondello, Addaura, Arenella, and Marina Villa Igiea, which is also the capital city’s marina. Mondello’s is a small port formed by two piers that are perpetually filled with boats in summer.

Approach: you arrive at minimum speed in front of the beach and houses in the village. If the weather is good you can give bottom to the center of the bay 250 meters from the beach. Dangers: watch out for the shoal positioned 50 meters from the head of the breakwater pier.

Mooring: head to where indicated. Maximum boat length: 10 meters. Depth: 1-2.5 meters.

VHF: channel 16. Services: water at the dock. Available: basic technical assistance. Ashore: there are various stores, bars and restaurants in the vicinity of the harbor.






(75 places) 38°11′ 60N – 13°21′ 30E

Small port located 2.5 miles S of Mondello. Approach: rounding the pier from E and then reaching the O dock. In uncertain weather the seabed is bad holding.


stern and bow following the directions of the moorers. Maximum boat length: 12 meters. Depth: 2-6 meters.

VHF: channel 16. Services: water, fuel and electricity at the dock. Available: basic technical assistance and toilet facilities. Ashore: bar and restaurant.




(80 places) 38°08′ 80N – 13°22′ 52E

It is located about a mile N of Palermo’s commercial port in front of a colorful fishing village characterized by a mozza tower that is conspicuous.

Approach: go around the outer pier from S and continue to the dock in front of the tower.

Dangers: watch out for shallow water and undertow raised by the mistral.

Mooring: head where indicated by staff: there is usually more room on the O side away from fishing boats. Max boat length: 18 meters. Depth: 1-5 meters.

VHF: channel 11 and 16. Services: water and electricity at the dock. Available: assistance provided by the staff of the Cala dei Normanni Nautical Center. Ashore: stores, restaurants, bank, post office and internet point are located near the marina.




(350 seats) 38°08′ 35N – 13°22′ 90E

Marina di Palermo dedicated exclusively to nautical tourism and located at Porto Acquasanta, at the N end of the city’s commercial dock, is a newly renovated facility. Approach: convenient and safe, also using the large cranes and trestles of the commercial port as conspicuous points.

Mooring: head where directed by staff. The ridge is good in every position. Maximum boat length: 50 meters. Depth: 2-12 meters.

VHF: channels 16 and 74. Facilities: water and electricity at each berth. Fuel and toilet facilities with hot water. Available: guaranteed technical and mechanical assistance. Clubhouse with private parking. On land: nearby stores, bars, restaurants, bank and post office. The city center is conveniently accessible by bus.

Marina Villa Igiea
Marina Villa Igiea



(300 places) 38°07′ 20N – 13°22′ 80E

The busy commercial port of the regional capital is very close to the city center: walking a maximum of 1.5 kilometers will take you to all the major monuments as well as popular stores, clubs, and restaurants.

Approach: maneuvering is easy and the city’s tallest buildings and Monte Pellegrino can be used as conspicuous points.

Dangers: the large summer traffic of ferries and vessels of various kinds always advises caution. Mooring: head to where directed by Harbor Master personnel. Max boat length: 40 meters. Depth: 3-5 meters at the quay.

VHF: channels 16, 11 and 12. Facilities: water and electricity at each berth. Restrooms and fuel at the dock. Available: mobile crane up to 15 tons, 50-ton travel-lift. Sail, mechanical, electrical and electronic repairs. On the ground: stores, market, bars, restaurants, post office, bank, and hospital.



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