Boating vacations: the bays of Veneto and Friuli Venezia-Giulia


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Venice Lido
Venice Lido

The minor maritime and river port realities and bays where to give bottom along the coast of the Upper Adriatic between Veneto and Friuli Venezia-Giulia. Available to boaters are many facilities positioned near tourist centers, to arrange shore excursions or to enjoy the beaches.

That mix of land and sea


1 Port Barricade

44°50′ 65N – 12°28′ 14E

Located just S of Po della Pila and lower Punta Maestra, this dock located on the O bank of the mouth of the Po delle Tolle is reached. You can give bottom in the channel directly on 2-3 meters of water, paying attention to the traffic of local fishing boats.

Port Barricade

2 Mouth of the Pile

44°58′ 00N – 12°32′ 10E

It is the easternmost sea outlet of the Po Delta and is sheltered to the S by Punta della Maestra, an excellent conspicuous point. Going up the river and paying attention to the scattered rocks, one reaches the Fishermen’s Village, a hamlet of Pila where boats up to 8 meters long can moor.


3 Mouth of the Brenta

45°11′ 00N – 12°18′ 90E

A couple of miles S of Chioggia is the mouth of the Brenta River, which can be traveled upstream for more than 2 miles to Porto di Brodolo, watching out for sandbars.

Mouth of the Brenta.

4 Pellestrina

45°16′ 00N – 12°19′ 00E

On the O side of the island of the same name, you can give bottom right in front of the village of Pellestrina or, if there is room, moor among the local fishing boats.

The ferry-boat docking at Santa Maria del Mare, at the northern end of Pellestrina. Photo: MJJR CCASA 4.0

5 Venice Lido

45°25′ 20N – 12°22′ 10E

In front of the famous Serenissima seaside resort you can give bottom in 3-7 meters of water on sand.


6 Murano

45°27′ 20N – 12°21′ 60E

It is the island of glass and is reached through the Marani Channel: you moor between it and the SO edge.


7 Burano

45°29′ 30N – 12°25′ 00E

The second most famous island in the Lagoon is home to a charming fishing village: it is reached from the Treporti Channel and can be given bottom on its N side.


8 Torcello

45°30′ 00N – 12°25′ 00E

Another lagoon island, located immediately N of Burano, it is famous for its picturesque piazzetta, considered one of the most visited in the world by tourists. Torcello can be reached from Burano and through the Canale di Sant’Antonio (maximum depth 2 meters), where it gives bottom.


9 Port Falconera

45°36′ 70N – 12°54′ 80E

It is the mouth of the Lemene River and is located about 1.5 miles NE of downtown Caorle. Going up the channel (maximum depth 1.8 meters, one reaches a lonely lagoon in which a maximum of two dozen boats find a place.


10 Porto Baseleghe

45°38′ 10N – 12°59′ 80E

Approximately 4 miles NE of Caorle, this marina and fishing port is located on the eastern shore of the Lovi Canal and consists of an 800-meter-long docked dock equipped with 8 piers and 2 docks (400 berths; maximum length 27 meters).


11 Navy Star

44°12′ 50N – 12°24′ 30E

In the NO part of the Marano Lagoon, there is this small landing place that can be reached by going right up the Stella River. It is located in a natural bend of the creek and is made of wooden structures (85 places; maximum length 24 meters). On the ground stores and an inn.


12 Marano Lagunare

45°45′ 80N – 13°10′ 10E

A small, quaint fishing village in Friuli, it lies at the Nmost part of the large lagoon to which it gives its name. You can bottom out in the harbor-canal leaning against Dossat Island or try to sidle up to one of the many fishing boats that crowd the dock.


13 Port Buso

45°42′ 30N – 13°15′ 10E

This is the name given to the central inlet to the lagoons of Marano and Grado: it is bounded on the W by St. Andrew’s Island and on the E by Porto Buso Island. On the E side of this there are docks always available, but be careful when approaching sandbars.


14 Mouths of Primero

44°50′ 30N – 12°17′ 60E

One mile E of Grado is this wide channel (depth 3 meters) inside which one can enter to have a good shelter from NE winds. You can give bottom in 1.5-2.5 meters of water on sand.


15 Duino

45°46′ 30N – 13°36′ 00E

Immediately E of the Timavo Mouths is this small harbor consists of a dock protected by a 35-meter pier. You can bottom inside or outside in 2-5 meters of water on sand.

Duino Castle.

16 Sistiana

45°46′ 00N – 13°37′ 00E

The small Trieste village of Sistiana lies in a natural cove protected by two cliffs. In the O part you can give bottom in 2.5-3.5 meters of water on sand, bad tenor. At E there are also private docks.


17 Miramare

45°42′ 20N – 13°42′ 70E

Near the Castle and the Marine Reserve area subject to navigation restrictions ( is the small port of Grignano, consisting of a N-oriented seawall.


18 Bay of Muggia

45°36′ 40N – 13°46′ 00E

In the inlet located SE of the historic center of Trieste is the eponymous village of Venetian architecture. Half a mile further SO you give bottom in front of the last Italian shore, that of the village of San Bartolomeo.


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