Bodies policy: these are the necessary clauses when taking out


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The summer vacation period is usually the “hottest” time for boaters, so we need to be very careful about one aspect that is often underestimated: that of insurance. When taking out a boat policy, you have to be very careful about several clauses and options, sometimes included and sometimes not, that can make a difference in the event of a claim. Here are some examples.

David Assicurazioni.The main clauses to watch out for when taking out a policy

Among the most common problems encountered aboard boats-especially in summer-are engine damage and malfunction. The greatest risk of engine overheating is from possible foreign objects, because in most cases it occurs due to occlusion of sea intakes (about 60 % of the downtime case). In such cases, it is also appropriate to be covered for breakdowns that occur to the engine, and
David Assicurazioni
manages to pay for overheating damage even on boats up to 10 years old, under special conditions.

A very important concept when it comes to harbor boat and storage is that of waiver of recourse. It is very useful-and in some cases required by the port/yard-to have this option in the policy. Within David Insurance’s Bodies Policy is this important clause, which provides the port or yard where the boat is stored or kept with the security of not having to cover often onerous and difficult expenses in the event of a claim. Some ports even require the “wreck salvage” clause. Well, in these cases often
David Assicurazioni
manages to return even the full value of the insured boat.

In summer, increasingly, even in the Mediterranean, we are faced with major weather events that are difficult to predict and equally difficult to control. In the event of a claim due to these cases, with the policies of
David Assicurazioni
there is reimbursement. Often this clause is included in the premium, in other cases it is not but is possible as an option (depends on some factors such as the value of the boat, condition, age).

Environmental pollution: the case of Greece

For those wishing to reach Greece by boat, it is worth paying attention to a specific clause required by the country for vessels transiting its seas and along its coasts. Greece absolutely requires you to have a liability policy that also covers environmental damage, with a written extension that must necessarily be made explicit. In fact, often those who do not have this specification within the policy incur fines (even large ones) and can run into serious trouble in the event of a claim.
David Insurance
includes the clause within its policies, without a premium increase.



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