Boot Düsseldorf 2023, 7 electric boats (7-9 m) to watch out for


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C-8 spark plug

Quiet, efficient, in some cases revolutionary. In a market where the range of electric boats is constantly expanding, at Boot Düsseldorf we selected these 7 interesting models that you can already find on the market today.

The 7 100% electric boats from Boot 2023

In a landscape increasingly aimed at a sustainable transition and from the footprint reduced, the electric market-from motors to charging solutions-is undoubtedly growing, and is developing increasingly efficient and promising boats and solutions, starting an entire industry behind it, a key driver in accelerating this transition green. In light of this, from ‘flying boats’ to the more classic and iconic sports boats, here is a selection of boats and electric projects not to be missed for any reason.

Rand Breeze 20 [5 .99 m]

At 5.99 meters in length and 2.1 meters at maximum beam, Rand’s debutante, the
Breeze 20
, ranks as a stunning electric dayboat, ideal for calm days at sea with friends. In fact, up to 8 people can be boarded, welcomed both aft, behind the wheelhouse, where the bridge seating also becomes a sundeck, and in the forward lounge, where broadside sofas and central table create an excellent convivial area, ready, however, to transform into a full-beam sundeck. Equipped with refrigerators and hidden but easy-to-open bimini, it seems to lend itself perfectly to daily sea outings, ready to provide peace and tranquility to anyone on board.

Rand Breeze 20

Not to be outdone, the small size and featherweight of 595 pounds classify the Breeze 20 as a transportable boat on a dolly, immediately expanding the range of uses and possibilities offered by the design. Finally, suitable for either conventional or electric outboard propulsion, the hull and design offer no small standard, with 20 hours of autonomy in the case of electric propulsion, at an electric cruising speed of 4 kn. In this case, the maximum speed, just over 10 knots. In the case of the 115 hp internal combustion outboard version, the hull instead shows us the maximum performance, 30+ knots, thus also demonstrating the goodness of the hull. All this, at a base starting price listed as around 35,000 euros.

Rand Breeze 20

X-Shore 1 [6 .5 m]

Among the hottest electric shipyards, X-Shore AB also welcomed us to Boot Düsseldorf with some of its latest models. These include the 21-foot
X-Shore 1
, progenitor of a new generation of electrics. At 6.5 meters long, it is made available in Open or Top versions and also offers a small forward cabin suitable for two people and remarkable performance: cruising speed of 20 knots, 30 knots maximum and more than 50 nautical miles of range.In terms of lines and deck, the design is directly inherited from its big brother, the Elex 8000, a 26-footer capable of 30 knots and 100 miles of range.

X Shore 1

Indeed, the lines are clean and minimal, and the tones blend well into the surrounding environments. The deck also reflects the family feeling, offering in this case a small aft swim platform, a settee/sundeck in the cockpit, two seats at the wheelhouse, and a clutter-free foredeck, below which we find the cabin. The T top, if present, engages from the windshield, then provides coverage toward the cockpit. All through the use of only two uprights.

The planned motorization is equivalent to that of the Elex 8000, a 125 kW electric motor that is quick and easy to recharge, reaching 80 percent in just 50 minutes with the use of fast-chargers, otherwise extended to 3 hours, through a simple charging station. Also particular about materials, the hull is made of fiberglass and carbon composites to maximize weight and strength management, while the deck is covered in cork instead of teak. The approximate price starts at 99,000 excluding VAT, and increases according to the model and specifications required.

X Shore 1

Lasai 20 GL [6 .80 m]

A small Spanish electric, the
Lasai 20

, from the Basque shipyard of the same name. Reflecting its name, Lasai-which means ‘calm’ in Basque-the 20 GL is the flagship of the shipyard’s coastal fleet, a small but interesting dayboat designed for relaxation and peace, with a top speed of 15 kn and with about 10 hours of range.

Lasai 20 GL

Lasai 20 GL features an optional rigid T-top equipped with photovoltaic panels, a solution that not only powers on-board systems and equipment. It also helps provide one-third of the boat’s energy needs when sailing at 5 knots. Optional absolutely worth considering, as it is capable of extending the range in no small measure, especially given the intended use of the boat: coastal dayboat.

Turning to the use itself, this electric boat has no shortage of comfortable solutions dedicated to relaxation. Aft we find a sundeck and ample seating in the wheelhouse or an aft bench and directional seating at the helm. In the bow, on the other hand, there is a more convivial space, complete with a V-shaped settee recessed along the broadside, served in the center by a small table. All starting from a target price of about 55,000 euros.

Lasai 20 GL

Headmaster SQ240i [7 .38 m]

Already presented at the Genoa Boat Show, the
Capoforte SQ240i
arrives in Germany, with the new Molabo Iscad V50 50Kw inboard engine. 7.38 meters long and 2.46 meters wide at maximum beam, the Capoforte SQ240i accommodates up to 10 people in soft and elegant spaces, a salon on the water.

On board we find ample space designated for relaxation, with a large aft sundeck and an equally spacious forward lounge. The wheelhouse takes its place amidships, served by a double bench seat, with additional seating space forward of the console.In terms of motorization, the Capoforte SQ240i is offered in two versions, both electric. On one side is the Yamaha Harmo RIM-Drive Electric 3.7 Kw outboard, and on the other side is an inboard, the Molabo Iscad V50 50Kw.

Headmaster SQ240i

Speed and range? With the Harmo about 10.3 knots maximum and 4 hours range, which can be increased to 6 at the cruising speed of 8.8 knots and to 23, going 5.2 kn. With the Molabo Iscad system, on the other hand, the maximum speed goes up to 15 knots, but with a range of less than an hour, while it goes up to 26 hours at speeds of 4 knots. The cruising speed in this case corresponds to 6.5 knots, with an estimated 4 hours of range.

Headmaster SQ240i

Electric boats: Frauscher 740 Mirage Air [7 .47 m]

Unmissable, Frauscher also brought some models from its iconic production. So, to join the splendid 1414 Demon and 1212 Ghost, we also got to see the gorgeous
Frauscher 740 Mirage Air
, a 7.47-meter full electric sports yacht. Powered by Torqeedo engines, this little wonder achieves remarkable performance (depending on the chosen engine) while ensuring quiet fun and comfort while sailing wrapped in high-end designs.

Specifically, there are two engines planned. First, a 60 kW Torqeedo coupled with a 40 kWh BMW i3 battery, for speeds just over 14 knots (about 10.2 mn range) and capable of nearly 40 nautical miles of range at about 5 knots. Or, a more powerful Torqeedo 110 kW, combined with 2 BMW i3 40 kWh batteries, to achieve about 60 nautical miles of range at 5 knots and about 18 mn traveling at the maximum speed of about 26 knots.

Frausher 740 Mirage Air

In terms of design, on the other hand, the lines are clean and minimal, characterized by a sporty and elegant look. At the stern we find a swim platform on the water and a sundeck, while two ergonomic seats serve the wheelhouse. The aft sundeck also offers another pair of seats toward the bow, bringing the midship seating to 4. In the bow, a convivial area proves to be quite multifaceted, offering two front sofas along the bulwarks, ready to accommodate a small table in the center, which lowers to become a full-beam sundeck when necessary, transforming the bow triangle into an excellent lounge area.

Frausher 740 Mirage Air

C-8 Polestar spark plug [8 .5 m]

Candela is a brand that is now well-known and well active in the market, so much so that it already has a best-seller on its hands, the C-8, which he brought to Düsseldorf in an updated and improved version, showing that he is not resting on his laurels: the C-8 Polestar spark plugfull carbon, full electric e foiling. The offspring of a partnership with another Swedish excellence, Polestar, the Candela C-8 Polestar expands its range by reaching about 60 nautical miles of range at the remarkable cruising speed of an impressive 22 knots. Important numbers and promising big things. Volvo Cars‘ subsidiary, which specializes in the production of high-performance and electric cars, thus enters the engine.

C-8 in foiling phase

With a 69 kWh battery and the same DC charging technology as the Polestar 2 Standard Range, the 2022 best-selling electric now gets an impressive 57 nautical miles of range on a single charge. Remarkable performance for a small open (8.5 x 2.5 m) such as this one, capable of flying over the water approaching the numbers and performance of other internal combustion-powered pushed boats. All, of course, with the advantage of flying over water silently thanks to an efficient foil system.

Performance aside, the Candela C-8 Polestar also offers comfort and good convivial areas, starting with a large sundeck in the cockpit, a settee in front of the gear, and no less than 3 carbon seats including 2 in the wheelhouse. There is also a small cabin in the current version, while all navigation systems, automatic foil management, et varie, are developed in-house by Candela, thus also ensuring remote assistance and total support to its customers.

C-8 Interior

Electric boats: Axopar 25 + Evoy Storm 300+ hp

In a combination of performance and fun, one of the pairings of the moment could not be missed at Boot Düsseldorf: Evoy and Axopar. Indeed, the German show introduced us to the new version with updated design of the
Evoy Storm 300+ hp,
an electric motor with nothing short of remarkable performance and ready to open a new era in electric propulsion. The boat? One Axopar 25.

Evoy Storm 300+ Hp on Axopar 22

Let’s talk about the engine. From the standard footprint considering the power (1111 x 795 x 351 mm), the Storm 300+ is equivalent to at least a 300-horsepower, yet being able to deliver 100 percent power very quickly, given the large torque of electrics. Indeed, with its 222 kW it delivers over 550 Nm of torque promising exhilarating performance. All rechargeable in as little as 45 minutes with a supercharger.

Evoy Storm 300+ HP

But, performance aside, it is the complete Evoy package that is a real treat. From the battery pack to the motor, everything is designed to optimize efficiency and be user-friendly. Thanks to significant internal development, the entire system is managed by a smart on-board control unit, connected to an on-board app that is also available on smartphones and can be accessed remotely.

Thanks to this, the User Experience is particularly simple and straightforward, and in case of need, Evoy offers immediate remote assistance, resorting to real-time diagnostics on the entire on-board system. Although, it must be said, maintenance is theoretically extremely low compared to that of a combustion outboard. In fact, the moving parts are reduced from hundreds to fewer than one can count on one’s hands, thus also minimizing all the hassles often caused by the internal engineering of classic combustion engines.



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