Boot Düsseldorf 2023, the 20 new powerboats (6 to 16 meters)


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Boot Düsseldorf 2023
Boot Düsseldorf 2023

The Boot Düsseldorf 2023 returns from January 21 to 29, 2023. We have selected 29 new products that will make their European or world premieres at this Boat Show. From the small cabin cruiser to the superyacht, there is room for everyone. Today we see the top 20 new powerboats for 2023 debuting at Boot Düsseldorf from the smallest to the largest, up to 16 meters.

Boot Düsseldorf 2023 – The 20 premieres

H2e Four Winns – 6.7 m

Known around the world for its care and more than 50 years in the industry, Four Winns is now also entering the electric market, introducing a new bowrider, the 100% electric H2e. At 6.7 meters long and powered by one of the most powerful electric powertrains-the 180 E outboard, capable of about 230 horsepower-the H2e promises exceptional performance, with impressive acceleration and peak speeds as high as 35 knots.

Studies done on the fairing also promise good handling, ensuring grip and safety for maximum riding pleasure. Shifting the focus to space, the small 22-footer first offers a huge full-beam sundeck positioned just behind the convivial cockpit spaces. In fact, aft of the wheelhouse we find a C-shaped couch from broadside to broadside, while in the bow there is an additional space, recessed in the deck.

Four Winns H2e
Four Winns H2e

Parker 720 Adventure – 7.20 m

Measuring 7.20 meters long and 2.46 meters wide, comes the new Parker 720 Adventure, a cabin cruiser dayboat ideal for fun outings at sea that can be extended even for a couple of days. Sporting a sporty but well refined look, the new Adventure is a boat that can offer good compromises, starting with the spaces offered, which are well cared for and well managed without wanting to overdo it. Starting from the cockpit, the layout is in fact well thought out, with access to the swim platform offset on the starboard side, thus providing ample space for the L-shaped sofa on the opposite side.

Also clever is the arrangement of this, which extends to provide a second facing seat in the direction of travel, while the complementary table, allows it to be used as a sundeck as well. Also to starboard is the command station, with ergonomic wraparound seating, while amidships we find both access to the below deck and a ladder to the bow, a space easily reached by opening the windshield. The interior spaces are also particularly well utilized, carving out one very large canine, with bathroom facilities and large double bed. All, condensed into a pleasant and clean design. The motorization includes a 300-horsepower outboard.

Boot Düsseldorf 2023 Parker 720 Adventure
Parker 720 Adventure

Boot Düsseldorf 2023: Aquador 250 HT – 7.83 m

Almost casting a shadow over its big brother’s international debut, the Aquador 250 HT will make its world debut at Boot Düssedorf 2023, promising great things, starting with unique solutions and design for its class. Nimble and cruiser-like, the small 7.83-meter boat impresses not only with its looks but also with the range of space on offer, an unexpected performance given its size: in addition to the already commendable outdoor spaces, divided between an enviable cockpit and a comfortable forward sundeck, the 250 HT also boasts no less than two separate cabins, thus accommodating as many as four berths. Another source of pride is the design of the hard top, from which the model gets its name. To meet all kinds of needs, the design team did a great job here, offering not only a particularly clean design but also a multifunctional one. For every occasion and need, the boat thus offers open and airy or closed and protected spaces, all thanks to a not bad system of closures and openings, divided between canvas and opening windows. Rounding out the package are the studies and construction of the hull through the Aquadynamic system, ensuring exceptional performance when coupled with 225 or 250-horsepower inboard or outboard motoring.

Aquador 250 HT
Aquador 250 HT

Saxdor 270 – 8.45 m

After the first
Saxdor 200 Sport
and the
320 GTO
, the shipyard is launching the Saxdor 270 GTO. If you want to see it live, it will be at the
Boot in Düsseldorf 2023
. A middle model between the previous two, which goes to intercept an audience looking for a sporty, versatile, modern and cabin cruiser hull that is compact in size and price. In Italy, with its overall length of 8.45 meters, it is a watercraft, meaning it does not require registration. The first option for the new SX270 Limited edition is with a 225-horsepower Mercury V6. Price in this case? From €77,500 + VAT. Read the full article here.

Saxdor 270 GTO sailing in Greece
Saxdor 270 GTO sailing in Greece

Pirelli 30 – 9 m

Also present at Boot Düsseldorf was TecnoRib‘s latest addition, the brand-new Pirelli 30, from the Speedboat Walkaround line. Born of the expertise of Ted Mannerfelt-head of the Swedish design team of the same name-the Pirelli 30 is a day cruiser with a sporty vocation, as indeed the design developed exclusively in an outboard version, indicative of the brand’s adrenaline-fueled soul, underscores. About 9 meters long, this new little gem will be available in two different bow configurations, aimed at satisfying different tastes and uses. A first one, it will be marked more as walkaround, emphasizing sociability and conviviality on board. The second case, on the other hand, more aimed at pure relaxation, will be more Mediterranean-inspired, and will therefore respect the traditional forward sundeck, ideal for indulging in the sun on hot summer days. It will be the smallest in a highly regarded range that sees
Pirelli 50
Pirelli 42
Pirelli 35

PIRELLI 30 Tecnorib
PIRELLI 30 Tecnorib

Finnmaster T9 ST – 9.04 m

Small, agile and compact, the new Finnmaster T9 ST is a day cruiser 9.04 meters long and 3.23 meters wide at the beam, capable of enclosing maximum comfort and functionality in minimum space. Starting with the Soft Top structure, the T9 features a particularly spacious and highly engineered Cabin configuration, with fully electric openings to handle the roof and panoramic windows.

As for the deck configuration, in addition to the deckhouse, convivial spaces are condensed in the cockpit, where there is a large L-shaped sofa with table, additional seating and a Wet Bar, an ideal outdoor kitchen. Just beyond, three seats face toward the bow, two of which are directly in the wheelhouse, while a central hatchway provides access to below-deck spaces. Here we find 4 berths, divided into two bunks, one forward and one central aft. A private bathroom is also obviously present. In terms of engine and performance, the T9 includes a pair of 300-horsepower F300NSBX outboards for top speeds close to 46 knots at 5800 Rpm.

Boot Düsseldorf 2023 Finnmaster T9 ST
Finnmaster T9 ST

Boot Düsseldorf 2023: Delphia 10 – 9.78 m

Designed by Vripack Yacht Design, one of the most intriguing boats in its range, the Delphia 10, will be presented at Boot. Completely electric-powered, this 9.78-meter is first made available in three versions, Lounge and Sedan, as in the rest of the range, and, exclusive to the model, Lounge Top, a hybrid of the previous two that brings all the advantages. If in fact the Lounge and Sedan versions are respectively distinguished by Open or Cabin features, the Lounge Top offers the best of the above, offering both protection toward the elements and large openings for enjoying open spaces.

And, to complete the package, as in the Sedan variant, the roof can support several solar panels, to have a constant imput of energy for one’s instruments. But in addition to the spacious and comfortable outdoor spaces, the Delphia also offers considerable enclosed spaces, offering different layouts as needed. In fact, up to 4 beds are available, but the options are many, offering an indoor chart/office area in addition to a separate toilet. All this, surrounded by the peace of electric navigation in inland waters.

Delphia 10 Lounge Top
Delphia 10 Lounge Top

SEAIR Flying Yacht 100 – 10 m

With their proven foiling system technologies, SEAir’s flying boats have been on the scene now since 2017. All the beauty of flying on water while also reducing fuel consumption and increasing comfort. The SEAir company at the upcoming Boot in Düsseldorf will present the brand new Flying Yacht 100, a model designed by the famous Sacha Lakic. In 2019 we told you about the first
motor boat with foils from Beneteau.
, do you remember? Well, that craft seems to share more than one point with this one we see here today. We look forward to watching it closely in Germany.

SEAIR Flying Yacht 100
SEAIR Flying Yacht 100

Jeanneau DB/37 – 11 m

After the
, Jeanneau’s DB Yachts line continues with the new DB/37. The yard’s premium dayboats focus heavily on livability on deck, emerging as dayboats or even party boats. The cabin below deck, however, winks at cruiser, or rather weekender, possibilities. At the helm are two well-known names in the industry, namely designer Camillo Garroni and Michael Peters Yacht Design, who from the main deck to the live work of the boats are among the most experienced in the field. A combination of experience and pedigree thanks to which the French brand was able to announce its latest creation as a product of excellence, a boat that is manageable, particularly voluminous and ready to meet the highest standards. To see it up close in its world debut, the date is in Germany, at the upcoming Düsseldorf Boat Show 2023.

Jeanneau DB 37
Jeanneau DB 37

Bavaria SR33 – 11.40 m

This new powerboat completes Bavaria’s new SR range. It had all started right in Düsseldorf 2020 with the
Bavaria SR41
. It had then been the turn of the
Bavaria SR36
and now comes the SR33. The design and lines are the work of Marco Casali and his team, based on design and engineering by Bavaria’s development department. Compact cruiser DNA, but great attention is also paid to the deck plan that focuses on a modular layout that allows the boat to be experienced under the hard-top than close to the sea, in close contact with the water. In short, one boat and many possible uses in less than 12 feet (11.40 m).

Below deck, the Bavaria SR33 houses four berths, a salon and a cabin. In particular, the salon and the large forward bed can become a kind of loft. To sleep six on board, the salon table can be lowered to create an additional double berth. Completing the underdeck area is a bathroom with a separate shower stall. The hull is 11.40 m long and 3.46 m wide. The hull was designed by the naval architecture firm Micad for an engine with two Volvo Penta and Mercruiser 500- to 700-horsepower engines, or for a single 380-hp Volvo Penta engine. Read the full article here.

Bavaria SR33
Bavaria SR33

BRABUS Shadow 900 Stealth Green Signature Edition – 11.7 m

Continuing the legacy of the BRABUS Shadow 900 range, the Stealth Green Signature Edition is equipped with a selection of premium features and details, ranging from the unmistakable paint scheme-a result of labor-intensive fairing, painting and polishing processes-to the intelligent and innovative use of space. The boat on display at Boot Düsseldorf will be a Sun-Top version with a stern layout for stowage. The vessel will have all carbon fiber details in matte black.

The BRABUS Shadow 900 Stealth Green is powered by two Mercury Marine 450R 4.6-liter V8 Four Stroke engines. While capable of reaching over 60 knots with relative ease, it is also one of the best choices for handling and drivability. See our test of the Brabus 900 Shadow XC here. A dashboard with touch controls and touchscreen technology improves handling, while the intelligent steering module with bow thruster ensures optimal maneuverability.

Boot Düsseldorf 2023: TH36 Four Winns – 11.72 m

Coming from Michigan, just across the Atlantic, Boot 2023 will also witness one of the latest creations from Four Winns, which after more than 50 years in the boating business, is now inaugurating a new line with TH36, its first catamaran. In collaboration with Marc Lombard and Garroni Design, Four Winns presents us with a catamaran focused entirely on leisure, with large outdoor spaces dedicated to on-board comfort.

Starting from the bow there is in fact a first lounge area consisting of double facing C-shaped sofas, while in the cockpit we find not only the galley, but also additional lounging areas, with as many as three separate sofas and two tables. An ergonomic and complete helm station is located amidships, while a passageway from the stern to the bow runs amidships, also providing access to the two double suites located below deck, complete with private bathrooms and shower. Propulsion, on the other hand, is provided by two 300- or 350-hp Mercury or two 300-hp Yamaha engines.

Four Winns TH36
Four Winns TH36

Boston Whaler Conquest 405 – 12 m

The Conquest 405 in 12 meters that can be both a cruiser and a pure fisherman. This Boston Whaler will make its European debut at Boot Düsseldorf. In the U.S. it is more used as a pure fisherman, while here in our country we can call it the suv of the sea; it is an adventure-ready cruiser with plenty of space on board. The cockpit is comfortable with ample space, suitable for fishing trips, with everything you may need, such as coolers, live tanks and a hatch at the broadside, for retrieving your catch. In the bow we find a large double sundeck, while in the salon there are two double seats facing a table, a galley on the broadside, and double stations at the command instrumentation.Below deck there is a single enclosed cabin, but sleeping accommodations can be four (two forward and two aft) or six, in this case also taking advantage of the salon sofa. Aft are Mercury outboards with a minimum of four 300-horsepower Verados each. Option with 4 also available
Mercury 450R
Read the full article here

Boston Whaler Conquest 405

Invictus TT420 – 12.1 m

Invictus’ TT range grows with the new TT420. A model that follows the path traced by the flagship, the TT460, 16 meters elegant and stylish to which the latest wants Jeanneau DB/37 to be a worthy heir. Designer Christian Grande’s taste and knowledge of the nautical market create an interesting fusion of line creativity and practical solutions. On this open walkaround, for example, there is a tender garage, which for the size is a nice comfort. In Dusseldorf there will be No. 1 in the “Personal White” color scheme. The particular “Vogue White” will also come later.

The boat appears muscular and voluminous with lounging areas forward and aft. Under the top we find the cockpit/convivial area, with fold-down tables. To increase the livable surface area, the broadside has terraces that can open onto the water while also increasing contact with the surrounding environment. The aft platform is covered in teak, as is the rest of the deck, with the possibility of having a hydraulic handling system for the tender (up to 2.10 m), which, as we said, also has its own dedicated garage.Below deck starts with an open space with a U-shaped sofa that converts into a double. Aft is a cabin with separate beds. Read the full article here.

Boot Düsseldorf 2023 Invictus TT420
Invictus TT420

Boot Düsseldorf 2023: Sacs Rebel 47 – 14 m

An enviable mix of solutions between luxury and military-derived technologies, the Rebel 47, a luxurious rib cruiser with an extremely modern design, will also be present at Boot. Born from the pencil of Christian Grande, the Rebel 47 qualifies as a natural evolution of the iconic 2017 predecessor, now presenting renewed shapes and solutions, starting with tapered volumes and a sinuous and elegant layout.

In terms of structures, the hard top is made of carbon fiber, lightening the superstructures and lowering the center of gravity, a solution that moreover benefits the trim of the hull, making it more stable and grippy. Other innovations include the new windshield, which now features more rounded shapes and aims to provide greatly improved visibility. In terms of exteriors, comfort is provided by multiple convivial areas, starting with the cockpit, complete with sofas, tables and a large sundeck. Relaxation is not lost in the bow either, with a lounge area above the deckhouse. As for the interior, two cabins accommodate up to four people.

Sacs Rebel 47
Sacs Rebel 47

Axopar 45 XC (with aft cabin) – 14 m

An Axopar 45 XC like this you hadn’t seen yet. The Finnish shipyard’s flagship is a new 2022, but the aft cabin version is totally new. The full test of the “classic” model can be found here:
Axopar 45 XC
. What changes in this new version? In the stern, instead of a large cockpit or coffee table with sofa, we have a sundeck and below a cabin. Below deck, on the other hand, livable space increases with two more beds.

Axopar 45 XC - Aft cabin
Axopar 45 XC – Aft cabin

Siren 48 – 14 m

Very little information around Sirena Marine’s new model. Its official presentation to the press will take place at Boot in Düsseldorf. It will be the smallest motorized Siren Yachts ever made.

D50 Coupe De Antonio Yachts – 15 m

Also debuting at Boot is the D50 Coupe from De Antonio Yachts. In terms of livability between the De Antonio D50 Open and the D50 Coupe, the characteristics remain almost identical. The De Antonio D50 Coupe, however, brings with it a more enveloping superstructure around the helm station, thanks to which the boat is suitable for even more demanding sailing. It is not pure cruiser, then, but a step toward a way of experiencing the boat that is not strictly “summer,” but leaves more freedom of use for the owner. In fact, with this protection around the driving position, a kind of interior area is created, protected on the sides as well, which does not affect the exterior spaces and at the same time provides shelter in case of unfavorable conditions. Below deck, the “basic” layout, as well as for the open version, consists of a forward master stateroom, a bathroom with separate toilet complete with shower stall, and a full-beam “U-shaped” dinette that can be converted into a double bed by sliding the small table positioned in the center. To see how it sails we refer you to
our test of the D50 Open!

Boot Düsseldorf 2023 De Antonio D50 Coupe
De Antonio D50 Coupe

Boot Düsseldorf 2023: Sunseeker Superhawk 55 – 16 m

With this super open, Poole’s brand is back through the front door into the world of open sports. If James Bond for the next film had such a hull on his hands, he could not only launch himself across the sea at 38 knots, but also enjoy some well-deserved rest, once he has beaten his antagonists, on a deck full of relaxation areas. In Düsseldorf, therefore, spotlight on this 16-meter member of the British shipyard’s Performance family, a boat completely devoted to the Mediterranean good life.

At the helm sports car sensations thanks to the layout and solutions of the (central) dashboard with three seats. This is located behind a 5-square-meter windshield that provides a virtually uninterrupted view. Noteworthy are the Union Jack details above the dashboard and aft. A way to put an emphasis on the quality of made in the UK in the world of powerboats. Below deck, in addition to the large galley area, there is a VIP cabin with bathroom, padded side units and a portside closet in the bow. In the stern is the master cabin with bed and bathroom. The interior can be customized in terms of colors and furnishings. Sunseeker’s Superhawk 55 is powered by Volvo D11 engines with IPS 950 with which a top speed of 38 knots is reached. Read the full article here.

Sunseeker Superhawk 55
Sunseeker Superhawk 55

Boot Düsseldorf 2023: Linssen 55 SL AC Variotop – 16.5 m

The new flagship of Linssen’s SL range makes its market debut. It is the latest addition to the shipyard and will be at Boot Düsseldorf. The Variotop line has an elevated riding position that can be protected by the soft top if needed or open suit in the right weather conditions. At 16.5 meters long, with 15 meters hull length, it was born out of the shipyard’s partnership with KesselsGranger Designworks. A fully equipped pantry is on board, with a 110-liter refrigerator, induction cooktop with four cooking zones, range hood, and microwave/oven/grill oven. Here there is then a large L-shaped table and a television mounted on the aft cabin wall that is viewed from the U-shaped sofa in the salon. For overnight, the Linssen 55 SL AC Variotop has 3 cabins. The aft cabin has a double bed and a private toilet with a sink and a connecting shower. The theme is that of long stays on board: so space is needed, and the various storage lockers (cabinets/drawers), serve to do just that. Read the full article here.

Linssen 55 Sl AC Variotop
Linssen 55 Sl AC Variotop


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