The “special forces” boat? No, it is the new Brabus 1200XC


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Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops
Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops Signature Edition

Bigger, more powerful, blacker. There is a new Brabus on the market, the biggest and most powerful ever, and it brings with it all the wow effect of the brand. In short, Brabus never stops, and with the new 45-footer it goes beyond its previous limits: 13.9 meters and 1200 outboard horsepower to propel it at 50+ knots. The new Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops Signature Edition and has only one goal: to combine power and performance with the best that luxury and comfort can offer on a 45-foot grand tourer that it is. In short, Brabus takes its own concept of versatility and usability further by combining an exceptional hull with power to spare and cabins for 4.

Brabus 1200XC Black Ops

The Düsseldorf Boot thus brought us a new Brabus, the largest and most powerful to date, an all-weather enclosed GT. This boat is versatile and usable year-round, even for extended periods thanks to the double forward cabin and optional second aft cabin. But you know, Brabus hull configurations are never few. Let’s look at it in detail.

Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops
Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops Signature Edition


Aggressive volumes, sleek lines and full Black Ops look, an integral black marked by the Signature Edition’s red bands and gray inserts. This is the first glimpse, immediately amplified by the newly inverted bow and the glazed volume of the central cabin, slender toward the bow and equipped with racks on the roof, in full heavy-duty style. Just forward of the cabin structure, however, comfort asserts itself and dominates the spaces, with a central sundeck complete with back and side armrests.

Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops

At the stern, however, the issue changes. Just behind the main body, the cockpit in the standard version is dominated by a large, uncluttered space, strong yes with storage solutions recessed in the bulwarks, but also empty, strong only by its 3 Mercury Racing outboards. Here, to meet every need, the new 1200 XC offers different combinations, starting with the more classic Aft Bench Optio, a solution with which the space remains wide and free, but served by a padded paca to clash the cabin structure.

Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops
Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops – Aft Bench Option

By contrast, the solution immediately following is aimed at maximizing storage space, from which it takes its name (Multistorage Compartment), a solution that sees the center of the cockpit engaged by a central body for storage, presumably also usable as a stern sundeck. It is, however, with the U-Sofa option that the cockpit becomes a place of conviviality, strong in this case with double facing sofas served by a central coffee table.

Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops
Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops – U-Sofa Option

Concluding is the last option, the one that maximizes on-board space, the Aft-Cabin Accommodation Package. Here, an additional body extends the center cabin, providing a double sundeck in the cockpit and, most importantly, a second cabin below deck.

Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops – Aft Cabin Accommodation Package

Brabus 1200XC Black Ops – Interior

Shifting the focus within the volumes, the Brabus 1200 XC Black Ops first welcomes with an enclosed cabin structure, ideal for all-weather protection, making the hull a true all-weather GT. Here, surrounded by the glass windows, is a real living room, complete with panoramic sunroof, U-shaped sofa and central table. There is also a wet-bar with sink and refrigerator and a well-equipped dashboard served by ergonomic armchairs in full Brabus style.

Main saloon

Going below deck, on the other hand, are a full toilet room and the forward cabin, complete with a double bed and ample storage space. Aft, in the case of the Aft Accommodation Package option, a second double cabin comes to life, bringing to 4 the number of people that can be comfortably accommodated beyond a single day.

Bow cabin

Brabus 1200XC Black Ops – Powertrain and Performance

Coming to the piece de resistance, the new Brabus is in fact the most powerful ever, thanks to the motorization: 3 Mercury Marine V10 outboard engines of 5.7 l and 400 horsepower, for a total of 1200 outboard horsepower at the stern. A power output of 895KW, ideal when coupled with this 45-footer’s large hull, a double V-step. The result? Speeds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour, 55 knots to be precise. Powering it all is a substantial tank capacity, as much as 1390 liters total.

Technical specs

Length Over All (LOA) 13.91 m
Baglio Massimo (B.max) 4.11 m
Fishing 1.2 m
Motorization 3x Mercury Racing 5.7l V10 400 hp
Overall power 1200 hp
Maximum speed 55 kn
Fuel tank capacity 1390 lt.
Passengers 12 (B) / 16 (C)
Cabins 2
Sleeping places 4 (optional aft cabin version).
Construction site Brabus Marine

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